Friday, August 31, 2007

Largest Dance I class ever

Judge Memorial Dance Program Packed With Young Talent

Headed by Ms. Jeanette Sawaya, the dance department at Judge Memorial Catholic High School presents a vivid pallet of classes for all dancers. Held in the Weigand Dance Studio, boys and girls alike are encouraged to participate in the multitude of dance styles offered by this renowned department for all levels.

This week we turn our attention to Dance I. This year the dance department prides itself in catering to the largest Dance I class ever taught by Ms. Sawaya. Although this class contains freshmen and sophomores, the boys at judge opted to let pass this wonderful opportunity. The course contains a large composite of dance styles, everything from jazz, to ballet, to several native African dances taught by the dynamic Ms. Washington. All things considered, those who had were fortunate enough to register for this dance class can assure themselves the privilege of an eventful year.
For more information and dates on the concert, visit Judge dance on the Judge web site or contact Ms. Sawaya.

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