Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Judge video in YouTube finals!

Jack Oles' entry for the YouTube "Friday Night Feats" video competition is now a national finalist. There are now four schools left, and Judge is one of them!

Here's a link to the national finalists (four schools from Tennesee, Arkansas, Florida and Judge)

Here's a link to Jack's video if you just want to look at his.

The final judging is, in part, based on fan voting. That's where you come in. You have to be a registered YouTube user to be able to vote for our video. If you're not sure how to do that, here's a link to a video showing you how to become a registered voter on YouTube.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Judge Radio

Have you heard Judge Radio? Listen to the Matt & Eric show or the Erika & Luigi show by clicking on the name of an episode to the right. Lots of other good stuff too, like Maria Schwarz and Megan Bush's interview with Salt Lake mayor-elect, Ralph Becker.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Judge football video on YouTube! Check it OUT!

Hey every one, Jack Oles just entered a YouTube contest featuring Judge football highlights. If you want to see Lewis Walker talk about his 71-yard touchdown against Uintah, then check it out.

Make sure to rate the video (since this is a contest, 5 stars are what we are going for) and comment on the video. The prize for this contest is video equipment, which the Bulldog Press would love to win, so go to

Click here to see the video.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Judge Swim Team Battles Park City

The Judge Swim Team just finished up two meets in which they swam valiantly against rival Park City. The Park City Invite, last Friday and Saturday, was a long and tough meet for the girl's team. They lost to the deep, developed Park City team by 34 points. The Judge girls stepped it up after Saturdays devastating loss to come back Wednesday to the Region X meet and beat PC by 48 points. Although the girls team may not be a shoe-in for the state title this season, they definitely have been working hard and are determined to make it six.

The boys team has really stepped it up this year. They took a respectable 4th at the PC Invite, boasting an incredible win in the 400 Free relay. They came back with determination and drive to the Region X meet and took 2nd, just behind Wasatch. The boys are pumped and are planning to continue working hard to achieve their best. The next meet for the swim team is Tuesday against Bingham.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Benefit Christmas Concert: Full of Stars and Promises

On December 5th at 7:30 pm Judge will be hosting Peter Mayer, the lead guitarist for Jimmy Buffet. He will be performing with all the choirs and the Peter Mayer Group. All the proceeds will go to our school!!! The tickets cost $35.00 for VIP (front row seats), $15.00 for adults, and $10.00 for children under 12. You can buy the tickets at Judge or call Cynthia Mckee at 801-427-3216.

Want to learn more about Peter Mayer and listen to some original music? Go to his website at www.petermayer.com

- by Rosie Neville

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ralph Becker talks to us; Buhler hasn't yet

Salt Lake mayoral candidate Ralph Becker spoke to Judge student reporters on Friday, October 26. The other candidate, Dave Buhler, has yet to return our calls.

In the interview, which you can hear on our audio player to the right or here, Mr. Becker talks about the following issues:

  • Judge/neighborhood relations,
  • transportation plans for Salt Lake,
  • ideas to improve teens' lives in the city,
  • agenda for public education,
  • view on vouchers,
  • public safety,
  • the environment
  • his favorite music, movie, book, food, restaurant, skiing spot,
  • and what he likes most about Salt Lake.

Girls Basketball Tryouts

Tryouts will be held Monday November 5 in the Judge gym from 5-7 and on Tuesday November 6 from 3-5. Cuts will be made. Freshman: there may be a third day of tryouts.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Girls Basketball tryouts

Tryouts for all girls interested in playing on this year's team will be held on Monday, November 5 right after school.

Win in the First Round

The football team had a thriller on their hands last Friday. Judge gave themselves a 21-point lead, but the Morgan Trojans put up 22 points in the fourth quarter to lead the game by three with a couple of minutes left in the game. After a Sellwood field goal, the game was sent to overtime where Morgan scored first but missed the extra point. The Bulldogs drove the field and, after a Zach McKown touchdown, won the game with an extra point.

- Jack Lund

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Congratulations to our girls varsity soccer team for taking state in 3A over Juan Diego!
The final score was 1-0, and our goal was scored by Maddie Cartwright.
Great work, Lady Bulldogs!

- by Lieren S. Allen

Monday, October 15, 2007

Girls Soccer advances to State semifinals

The Judge girls soccer team has wrapped up the regular season with a third place finish in region 10. They began play in the state tournament as a major underdog and have managed to beat heavily favored Logan1-0 and Canyon View 2-0 in the first two rounds of the state tournament. The girls move on to the semifinals where they will play Wasatch Friday night at Woods Cross High School.

Hey New York People!

The Bulldog Press still needs your New York pictures! If you have any please send them to Erika Minjarez by email at e-minjarez@hotmail.com or bring them into room 126.
Make sure the pictures are labeled with the people in the picture, the place it was taken, your name, and if you bring them in, your CP (so we can return them to you).

- by Erika Minjarez

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pre-Season Conditioning

All girls interested in playing on this year's girls basketball team are encouraged to come to pre-season conditioning starting this Wednesday. It will continue through October every Monday and Wednesday on the field. Hope to see you there!

- by Cricket Oles

Film Club

The Film Club may be well known at Judge for being the laid-back club where "all you have to do is show up and watch films." But now the somewhat small club might be scrambling; with the departure of their advisor, Mr. Dolan, who will step up to the plate to be the new head of the Film Club?

The Film Club is an easy going extracurricular which focuses on both watching and creating films. The Film Club is also the sponsor of the annual Judge Film Festival, where students can show off the films that they have made.

And coming up in November, the Film Club will kick off their year with a screening of the movie "Innocence", supposedly one of the greatest ghost stories of all time. Stay tuned to the Judge website for more information on the Film Club!

- by Emily Andrews

Ms. Rowland

Ms. Rowland is here for another exciting and fun-filled year at Judge. Most people here at Judge don't know her story. It is an interesting tale of hard work and a great administrator that actually walks to school every morning. She sets a great example for anyone that with or for her and always shares a wonderful attitude with everyone she knows.

Ms. Rowland came here at the ripe young age of 36. You may not believe me but her first job here was actually Dean of Students (Scarier than Dean Quinn, don't you think). That was 8 years ago though. Now she claims the Assistant Principal job. This job holds the task of taking care of anything that comes up. She was the one who worked with all the other administrators during the bitter farewell of Mr. Dolan earlier this week. She was also the caring soul that negotiated with UTA to get us those cool little cards that let us ride the Trax. She uses her strong personality traits such as not being easily upset, not being afraid to speak out or to try all options, and being a good listener, to fulfill the duties of her job.

She really expressed her feelings when it came to how she felt about Judge. "I really love Judge". She thinks that this years student body is great. She told me that,"Because I am not Dean anymore, they are all good."She also said that we seem smarter, harder working, and more responsible as a whole.

She is also planning for the future. Right now she is in graduate school to get an administrative licsense and one day become a principal. She is very content though with her job here and doesn't want to leave right away. She also has some advice for tis year's students. she is trying to tell us that we shouldn't just go through the motions and to do the reading.

Finally I asked her about Mr. Bartman and what she thought of him. She said, "He has a lot of good experiences and ideas that we need to balance out what w have here at Judge. Sh thinks that his time in public schools bruoght a new perspective to our school.

- by Jeff Scott

JV takes after varsity

You'd think that having an undefeated Varsity football team would make all the other teams within the school look bad. However, here at Judge that's not the case.

The Junior Varsity team is also undefeated and they aren't looking like they're going to stop any time in the near future. The team's quarterbacks are Vince Conti and Chris Pell. Although Chris Pell fractured his thumb in the game against Juan Diego and is unfortunately out for the season. Lucky for Judge, Vince Conti has taken control of the offense under center. Running backs include Paul Clark, Zack McKown, and Christian Barbiero. Christian is a sophomore who has been playing well after he transferred here this year from Juan Diego.

Another big win was the game against Park City at home who is a football rival on every level. This team is made up of all sophomore football players and most juniors, even though Junior Varsity seems to imply that the team is for Juniors. This allows the sophomores to be on the same team with the same coaches for two consecutive years, which helps with team chemistry. Also, sophomores that wouldn't ordinarily have very much playing time (if any) on a varsity team get to play and even start in some situations.

So really its the JV team that would seem to make the other teams look bad, but they haven't. Not yet anyway...

- by Jake Winter

Judge Hockey

Judge’s Hockey Team is off to a slow start. The Varsity team started off by losing to Cache Valley in an exhibition game and then to Park City in the regular season. They then tied South Valley but again, lost to Brighton. The Junior Varsity team has also not had the greatest start in the world. They lost to Fremont and tied the next two games to Park City and Viewmont. Although they aren’t winning all their games the future years look better.

The five freshmen on the hockey teams give new hope for wins in the future. With Stevie Strehl (#23) at left wing, Keegan Teeter (#2) right defense, Shepard Scott (#21) wing, Davis Pope (#31), and Alex Andruzzi (#39) goalie, things are looking upward. Stevie Strehl who is on the starting line, has already scored once this season for varsity and four times for JV. Shepard Scott has put his name out there by already scoring once for the varsity team. Both the varsity goalies have also proved useful. Davis Pope already has 52 saves for the varsity team and twelve for JV while Alex Andruzzi has 15 saves for varsity and 10 for JV. And last but not least Keegan Teeter has appeared in 4 games for the varsity team and 1 for the JV team.

All in all even though Judge’s hockey team hasn’t started so great it looks like they will be able to pick it up and finish strong. The future also looks good as long as the freshman keep it up. We’ll look forward to new and great players through the next years and good luck to both varsity and JV at their next games!

Boys swim team starts up

With the swim season starting all of the boys on Judge's swimming team were pumped to start this year where we will try to regain control of the 3-A High School State Championship. With Chris Gibbs as the boy's team captain everyone felt excited to start this year. With the splashes of all of the boys jumping in the pool that started their first 2007-2008 practice while the excitement overwhelming the pool the boy's are just hungry for that trophy.

- by Christopher Bujnowski

Study Abroad

Not only is Judge an outstanding school academically, but also it offers once-in-a-lifetime chances. There is the chance to do something wonderful that you will remember for the rest of your life, you can leave the country. On these trips it is a wonderful way to get away from your family and have a wonderful time with your classmates. For a couple grand you can have an experience that will change your life. Doors may open and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. The foreign language department sets up tours that allow you to see the history of the world. You stay in good hotels and you can get your own bed, these trips are a real treat and with your foreign language class you can join the adventure.

To get involved speak with your foreign language teacher; it is a memory you will never forget, guaranteed.

Are you a philosopher?

Do you consider yourself somewhat of a philosopher? Or do you just like to talk about different ideas? If you sad yes to either of these questions, then I have a club for you. Philosophy Club meets about once every two weeks in room 104. After enjoying a snack, they listen to and discuss different philosophers and ideas. For instance, they recently had a meeting comparing and contrasting Plato and Aristotle. If any of this interests you or if you just want pizza and cookies, visit Mr. Lovett in room 104. Everyone is welcome.

- by Michael Greenberg

Freshmen art class

The freshmen art class has just gotten used to Mr. Bettin’s unique style of teaching. That is saying the least about it. We have just finished a drawing we’ve been working on for about two weeks. We have started a new drawing in which we draw a type of fruit or vegetable in a scientific perspective.

Asked if he liked the class he replied, “I like… most of the class,” glancing at one student in particular. I am not going to mention any names though (Armando). It seems that this freshman art class will be in for a very interesting year.

- by Patrick Boner

Girls swim team

The Girls swim team is now almost over with preseason training.

The training/practice/conditioning pool at Granite High school has been tested positive for over dosage of chlorine, rumoured to be at over 25%. So this week no swimming Monday, but an extended dry land practice will be organized to compensate for the accident. Team looking good. Maybe a 6th 1st place for our Judge girls swim team.

- by Joe


Every person in this world deserves to be treated fairly and justly. Now, even though you and i know that, our world is still full of prejudice, oppression, and hate.
That's where the Social Justice Leadership Team comes in.
Lead by Dr. Brinkman, this special group of people comes together to fight for and to protect the dignity of all people. They plan lessons about social justice for elementary school children to teach tomorrow's leaders, and, together with the Multicultural Club, they organize and lead school-wide campaigns to show the world that we, here at Judge, care.

Look for these upcoming events that the SJLT organized:

  • The Dia de la Raza Assembly (which is this coming Monday)
  • The Martin Luther King Assembly
  • Oppression Awareness Week
  • Asian Awareness Week
  • And A Week Without Violence

- by Madelyn Machon

JV girls cross country

Wednesday, October 3rd afternoon, I interviewed Camille Overmoe, a JV cross-country runner. Camille's favorite meet was the meet at UVSC (Utah Valley State College) in Orem, Utah - it was also her best meet. To train, she generally runs alone.

"I need motivation, so sometimes I run with my friends," she laughed.

Camille likes running to alternative music, so if you want to know why she's so bouncy with her iPod on, then that's why.

- by Heather Fisher

Girls Freshmen tennis

The girl's tennis team in past years has been an amazing team and squad and it just got better with ten new additions to the team, ten new freshman girls. This season has been great for the fresh new tennis players. Serving, slicing, spin, and winning has become a regular routine for the girls who have enjoyed playing the game, traveling to matches and meeting the older girls who also love the sport. The Fresh Tennis girls took the Junior Varsity by storm and won almost all of their matches until region where all but one lost. The varsity part of the team advances to state this weekend. One senior, Three Juniors, Two Soft-mores, and one freshman will do their best this weekend and hopefully lead us to victory!

- by Chloe Ropner

Environmental Club

It is often said that what you do to the environment effects not only you, but you're children and all other generations to come. Well here at Judge kids are taking the environment seriously, trying to rebuild and compensate for what our parents have done. The Environmental Club is a group of students committed to saving the planet by recycling and preserving through action and education. Because of the Environmental Club, Judge has a recycling program and is aware of what is happening to the planet, and active in its prevention. Through meetings, posters, programs, discussions, and encouragement, Judge, thanks to it's Environmental Club, is doing its part in preserving the planet for ourselves, and for generations to come!

-by Molly Pace

JV volleyball barely loses to Uintah

The J.V. volleyball team did exceptionally well on Tuesday after almost beating the Uintah Utes. They went all the way to 5 games but sadly lost it in the 5th game with the score of 15-13. There we many outstanding plays in the match including a couple great hits for Kenzie Carter and some amazing serves by Kaitlyn Sheck.

Freshmen core announced

Even if you didn't go to homecoming you still got to see the decorations displayed through the school homecoming week. "We used so many rolls of tape!" Commented Emily Burchett one of the freshman that makes up 'the core'. Its easy to believe especially walking through the halls and finding paper money and poker chips firmly taped down. So far this new part of the student council seems to be filled with school spirit. One of them was even the bulldog during the pep rally! The freshman core has President Jeff Scott and then following him are Emily, Serena, Vicky, and Ofa. We appreciate their talents and effort to lead the freshman class.

-by Gabriella Gurrister

Freshmen football

The Freshman football team is starting to pull it together as they begin playing in Region. They went 1-5 in their first 6 games, but that doesn't matter to them right now. All they care about is winning Region. Judge Memorial is in Region 10 which includes Park City, Wasatch, Union, and Uintah. Thursday, October 4, 2007, the freshman played Wasatch for their second region game. After defeating Park City the week before, the team lost to Wasatch 13-6.

Last Thursday the freshman team went up to Park City to play their first Region 10 game. Park City was a very good team, quick, strong, big, but that didn't mean anything. The freshman just wanted to beat Park City, even if it has to go down to the last second. Judge put points on the board first near the end of the first quarter.

Even though the Judge lost the second quarter, allowing Park City a touchdown, no extra point, they fought and fought 'til the final whistle blew. Judge scored the first touchdown of the second half, then allowed Park City to answer their score. After Isaac Haas scored the next touchdown, Riley Harper kicked it in for the extra point, leading Judge into the fourth quarter 16-12. Park City's next possession was succesful most of the way. They managed to score a touchdown, but couldn't convert extra point. Judge got the ball and worked it up the field in the minute-thirty they had left.

With ten seconds left Riley Harper set up for a 37-yard field goal. The play was about the begin, but Park City called a time out. Riley set up for a second time, this time the ball was snapped, and before you knew it, the ball went straight through the uprights! Judge was now in the lead 19-18 with about 5 seconds left. The next kickoff Judge stuffed Park City and Judge had won their first region game.

Interview with JM Athletic Director

We all know that our football team is the number one ranked team in 3A, but do we know who is behind the football team? Dan Del Porto is the athletics director, not to mention also the activities director. Mr. Delporto is responsible for all athletic programs here at Judge Memorial, assisted by Mattie Reed. I recently talked to him, and he had this to say: "All of the sports are doing really well this year." Dan went on about different sports, including cross country, we have the number one cross country runner in the nation Luke Puskedra. And of course, he mentioned the girls soccer teams. Last, but certainly not least, football, who have been ranked in the top five all year and are currently 6-1. Let's hope they keep it up to Rice Eccles Stadium. So, all in all, the athletic director, Dan Del Porto tells us that things are going great.

-by Mary Morgan

Freshmen girls volleyball

Game 1: 15-25(Uintah)
Game 2: 25-21(Judge)
Game 3: 7-15(Uintah)
Game 4: 6-15(Uintah)

Great Serves by Ryley Carman, Tessa Mills, Sam Highsmith, Kristy Smith, and Maddie Gilstrap. Sam and Ryley got 100% of their serves in, and we had one ace by Tessa Mills. Great sets by our four setters Sam Highsmith, Maddie Keyes, Sarah Marks, and Kristy Smith. Great blocks by Sam, Damara, and Ryley. Great job freshman ladies. You showed how to talk it up!

Sophomore volleyball

Judge's Sophomore volleyball team played Uintah on Tueday. Although they held their own throughout all 3 games, Uintah won the match. The whole team had strong serving as well as passing. Mallory McGill and Lehua Kali had beautiful sets. The team took advantage of those assists in all games, but especially in the second game, when our team had six kills total. Coach Gilmore could not make it to this game so Coach Horner stepped in. Dani Wagner was also out with a sprained leg, but will be playing again soon.

Freshmen help JV boys xc

Judge Memorial has a very talented varsity cross country team. Much of the cross country team's publicity is taken up by Luke Puskedra. Many people look at him and not the future of the team, the freshman. This year's freshman running group is filled with talented runners like Matt Kestle, Alex Baker, Zach Knettles, Matt Pell, Jackson Elizondo, Weston Firmage, Dan Goodman, and many others. This year has brought in one of the largest freshman running groups that the school has seen in a long time. Not only are they large, but they are fast and are closely connected. During races, the freshman have been steadily improving thanks to help from each other during practices and races. There are good things developing in the freshman and we can expect a stellar team in the near future.
- by Matt Pell

Friday, October 05, 2007

Cross Country kids get ready for region competition

The Cross Country boys and girls are gearing up for their Region 10 meet on Tuesday, October 9, 2007 at the Cottonwood Complex. All season, they have been in the top 3 teams in 3A. In their last meet, boys and girls JV took first in 1-3A, Varsity girls got second by one point behind Park City, and the Varsity boys got third.
Luke Puskedra has smashed the competion all year, winning every race and setting course records nearly everywhere he runs. He leads a very promising boys team which includes John Foye, Parker Mildenhall, Max Lamb, Chris Sayre and Frank Barrows. Dane Brodke and Matt Pell also run varsity and Peter Bryner is close behind.
Top girl Hailey Knettles has also been in the top five runners in nearly every race. She leads the girls with a strong team which include Lizzie Hindert, Lindsay Baker, Emma Welch, and Rosie Neville. Other Varsity runners include soccer and volleyball players, and runners who too run in the JV races, such as Jess Gaffney. New freshman, Alex Hallows, who also plays soccer, looks promising and will hopefully continue her fast times at Region.
Region should be a very exciting meet, because Park City and Judge have been neck and neck all year. Who will come out on top? Watch the region race to see, which is also a great preview for the State race on October 17.

- by Katie Harrington

Tommy Debut Postponed

While Judge's upcoming musical Tommy has been the recent prize and focus of the Tech Department, conflicts with upcoming sports games have forced Mr. Hathaway, the director of the Theatre Department (of which Tech is a part) to move the opening night back a day, to November 3 at 7 p.m. Tommy will continue to show the next few weekends, at 2:30 p.m. on November 4 and at 7 p.m. on November 8, 9, 16. The final show will be November 17. While Mr. Hathaway has directed several plays from last year, this will be the first play of his choice to be shown at Judge. Check next month's Bulldog Press issue for the reasons behind his choice.

- by Geoff Burlew

Junior Classical League

The JCL club headed my Magister Soran, has so far been a success. So far JCL has gotten together for events such as Roman Cooking, Toga Bowling, as well as their Mentoring program, which has been used to teach junior high and elementary school students the fundamentals of Latin. This Sunday, October 7, the JCL will be holding another get-together at the University of Utah Union building for some billiards, pizza, and soda.

- by Luigi Lollini

Interact News

We are going to be discussing and planning a few upcoming events at our next meeting next Thursday, October 11. They will be a lot of fun, and new members are always welcome, so stop on by!

-By Kiersten Thorsen

Reasons To See Tommy

"It's not like anything Judge has ever done before"
-Pat Thompson, Thomas Tsuruda

"It's a story about hardship, you can't always get what you want"
-Sean Abel

"Rock operas are uncommon in high schools"
-Erica Paul

"The music is different. Judge has never done a rock opera before"
-Levaughn Wilkins

"You can ROCK OUT at the show"
-Jackie Graham

"Judge is lucky to be able to perform this play and we should take advantage of it"
-Chris Voss

"It will be an awesome show"
-Eric White

Dance gains professional experience in NYC

"Our trip to New York was way awesome!" exclaims Ms. Sawaya the head of the Dance Department. On Monday September 24, about 52 Judge students, parents, and faculty members boarded a plane to New York City, New York. Of this group composed of dancers, techies, and actors of the drama squad, 20 belong to the Judge Dance Company including Ms. Sawaya and Ms. Washington.

The intent of this trip was to experience dance on a professional level by visiting three Broadway plays and participating in advanced workshops taught by the broadway aces themselves. The Dance Company attend three major schools of dance; Alvin Ailey, Broadway Dance, and Paul Taylor's School of Dance. For those of you less attuned to the workings of the various performance schools; Alvin Ailey is an institution that began in March 1958, at the 92nd Street Young Men's Hebrew Association in New York. It was instigated by Alvin Ailey and a young group of African-American modern dancers.* The Judge gathering participated in a Master class that is taught by "The Masters" at Alvin Ailey. According to Ms. Sawaya, "It was certainly a privilege to take part in this sort of [professional] study of dance". As the young women were given instruction by some of the most acknowledged Broadway dancers of their time it certainly was a once in a lifetime trip. However, if that wasn't impressive, the Dance Company's tour guides of the "Big Apple" were working actors and could offer further insight to the components of modern performance in New York.

Though this journey was centered upon dance, the Company also traveled to historic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Apollo Theater, Ellis Island, and New York University. The one downside to the trip was that much of the traveling involved walking from one landmark to the other. At times, a bus was provided to allow the group a rest for their sore feet and on other occasions the Company boarded the subway to travel to their various workshops and attractions. Aching feet aside, the Dance Company's trip to New York provided unforgettable memories and professional experience for those who were privileged to attend.

- by Eric Humphrey

Swim Team Works on Chemistry

Have you smelled chlorine in your classes lately? It is probably emanating from the swimmer sitting in front of you. The swim season officially started with the team hopping in the pool on September 17. That chlorine smell will be the official perfume of the swimmers for the next six months (the longest of the sports seasons). But is the concentration of chlorine in the athletes' skin actually harmful to them?

With the recent breakout of cryptosporidium bacteria in local swimming pools, the amount of chlorine in pools has been increased and children under the age of five have been banned from most public pools. Granite High School pool, however, hosts only the Judge swim team-none of whom are under five or carrying the harmful crypto; therefore the concentration of chlorine should be less than that of public pools in the area. Following the direction of the State Board of Health, the chlorine level has been raised from the usual 1.5% to 5% in order to kill the crypto. This level, though somewhat uncomfortable, is safe.

Recently, the members of the swim team have noticed some unusual symptoms due to the chlorine. While the swimmers are used to and even pride themselves on ailments such as dry skin, bleached hair and that chlorine smell that seems to follow them everywhere, they were not expecting to experience the loss of arm hair, reduction of eyebrows and minor chemical burns and rashes. The health department was called in to test the level of chlorine. To no surprise, the level was too high: about 7-10% which is approaching the danger zone. Sodium was added to dilute the chlorine and it is now down to a comfortable level. Despite this discomfort, the swimmers are still working hard towards getting in shape for the season. The first meet is on October 25 in Kearns.

- by Maria Schwarz

Lacrosse fall league

The boys' Utah Select Lacrosse league has begun, below is the Utah Select schedule


1. Juan Diego 3. Brighton
5. Park City 7. Jordan
2. Bingham
4. Alta 6. Judge 8. Copper Hills

Sat. 9/22 Field A B
Sat. 9/29 Field A B

9am - 10am
1 v 2 3 v 4
9am - 10am 1 v 5 2 v 6
10am - 11am
5 v 6 7 v 8
10am - 11am 3 v 7 4 v 8
11am - 12pm
1 v 3 2 v 4
11am - 12pm 1 v 6 2 v 5
12pm - 1pm
5 v 7 6 v 8
12pm - 1pm 3 v 8 4 v 7

Sat. 10/ 6 Field A B
Sat. 10/13 Field A B

9am - 10am
1 v 7 2 v 8
9am - 10am
#1 1 v 8 #2 4 v 5
10am - 11am
3 v 5 4 v 6
10am - 11am
#3 2 v 7 #4 3 v 6
11am - 12pm
1 v 8 2 v 7
11am - 12pm #5 W1 v W2 #6 L1 v L2
12pm - 1pm 3 v 6 4 v 5
12pm - 1pm #7 W3 v W4 #8 L3 v L4


Sat. 10/20 Field A B

9am - 10am Open

10am - 11am Open

11am - 12pm W6 v W8 L6 v L8

12pm -1pm W5 v W7 L5 v L7


Visit Utah Select at http://www.utahselect.org/

Anime Club president speaks

I interviewed Keawe Kali, the President of the Anime Club about what they had been working on during meetings the past month or so and this is what she told me:

"We are thinking of having a haunted house during the Halloween dance. So we've been trying to put that together. Because of where the dance is located and how limited we are, we were given the auditorium's basement classroom to work with as the haunted house."

A haunted house is a good idea for something to do during the Halloween dance, especially if you're not a big dancer or socializer. So, make sure to head to the basement of the auditorium to have a screaming good time!

- by Sarah Fitzpatrick

Lit Mag editor named

Stuart Ford has been appointed editor of publicity. Lit Mag is is currently working on jacket designs.

- by Lauren Allen

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Another Change in the Choir Schedule

I know everyone was hoping to hear the choirs sing the National Anthem on Friday, October 5 at the football game. But, due to weather concerns, both choirs will not be singing. Instead, Ashely Bassett and Lagi Netzler will be performing their duet. Madrigals and Chorale will be singing the Anthem at the football game on Thursday, October 18.
- by Rosie Neville

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cheerleaders are Working Hard

Our cheerleaders are working hard everyday after school, whether it be for the upcoming Bulldog Boogie or halftime shows for football games. Right now they are involved in teaching the younger kids their Bulldog Boogie dances, which started on Tuesday, 10/2. The performances will be during halftime of the upcoming football game against Wasatch this Friday, 10/5. Other than that they keep on practicing every day after school and on Friday they have team dinners with the football team. Keep cheering hard!

- by Max Lamb

Attention all New York goers!

The Bulldog Press needs pictures from the New York trip!
If you went to New York and have pictures from the trip, email them to Erika Minjarez at e-minjarez@hotmail.com, or bring them into room 126*.
With your pictures be sure to include the names of the people in the picture, a description of the event, and why you chose to send in the picture.

*If you bring in pictures, make sure they are labelled with your name and CP so that we can return them to you!

- by Erika Minjarez

Girls Lacrosse Update

Hey everyone!

Here's an update about how girl's lacrosse is going.

Girl's lacrosse has started with its fall clinic and scrimages.
Also, the trip to Disney World has been cancelled.

The winter league is starting soon for experienced players. For more information visit utahlax.org

To be updated on everything that has to do with girl's lacrosse, check out the girl's lacrosse webpage on judgememorial.com

- by Claire Lordon

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Orchestra's Upcoming Fall Concert

Our Judge Musical Groups have been busily preparing for the 2007 Fall Concert. Working all summer, and beginning their school practice at 7:00 am, both band and orchestra are ready to delight and entertain an audience with their musical prowess. Choir will also be performing, and there are plans in the making for a guitar ensemble. The Fall Concert promises to be an exciting event, and everyone is encouraged to attend. The event is soon so start making plans to attend the Fall Concert, October 17, at 7:00 pm.

- by Parker Mildenhall

Girls Basketball-Season coming up!

Tryouts for this year's girls basketball teams will be held on Monday, November 5. There will be one tryout for all freshmen through seniors and teams will be split up accordingly. For all girls interested, fall workouts will begin the week of October 15. Dates and places TBA. All girls are encouraged to come and work out to get in shape for the season.

First game: November 27 vs. Highland

- by Cricket Oles

Girls Tennis Heads to State

The Girls tennis team played their region matches this weekend taking second overall. They played region rival Park City and Waterford, coming in second overall for region. Junior Varsity did not advance to the state finals but the Varsity girls will be ready to take on other 3A opponents this weekend at BYU for the State championships.

- by Danny Franks

Singers to perform this Friday

The Madrigals and Chorale will be singing the National Anthem this Friday October 5 before the football game!

There has been a change in the schedule!! The fall concert will now be Wednesday October 17 at 7:00 pm in the Auditorium instead of Thursday. Since there isn't a football game on Wednesday everyone should be there!!

- by Rosie Neville

Monday, October 01, 2007

Big Win in Park City

The Bulldogs came to play on Friday against the Miners. It was a full 48 minutes of football but Judge came out on top 21-14. Joe Pond tossed 3 touchdowns to Keenyn Walker and led the Bulldogs to the win. Team captain Tyson Moll forced two fumbles and helped keep the Miners out of the end zone. The Bulldogs are now 6-0 and ranked #1 in 3A; they host Wasatch this Friday.

- by Jack Lund

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Judge hockey has a new star

Judge's Bulldog hockey team has had a rocky start to the season, but one new addition to the team is proving to be a strong asset. Freshman Steve Strehl has already put himself on the board twice this season, the first time in the varsity game against Cache Valley Independent. He was at it again this past weekend, scoring the only two goals for the JV team against Park City in Park City. New goalies Davis Pope and Alex Andruzzi are also proving to be very valuable, both for their agility and accuracy. Good luck to our varsity team against South Valley Independent tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the Acord arena!

- by Lieren S. Allen

Friday, September 21, 2007

Golf at Thanksgiving Point

Friday September 21, 2007 - The golf team faced a challenging day of golf up at Thanksgiving Point this Thursday. "It was a challenging course, probably the toughest we have played at", said Johnny Murphy. The Bulldogs placed 3rd up at the tournament with Craig Chiesa shooting the team's best 83. Murphy Bowers, and Etzel contributed with scores of 95, 96, and 85 respectively.

- by Jack Lund

Baseball prepares for season

Judge baseball is ready for another go at state. With our biggest competition moving to 4A (Snow Canyon, Dixie), Judge has hopes to dominate the rest of 3A. Last year we were 23-5 in state and 9-1 in region. The year before the team had a spectacular season with a strong 2nd place finish in state. Soon we will find out how strong the program is in winter training. Hopes are high, but expectations are higher.
- by Riley Ashton

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Girls Tennis Ready for Region

On Wednesday the Lady Bulldogs took on the Wasatch Wasps again but didn't have the same result as last time. They played some tough matches against the Wasps at Libery Park but couldn't come away with the win.

"We didn't play very well at all," said Junior Alexis Naylor. "But we'll be back and ready to go for region."

The girls did have some success this week with a win today over the Waterford Ravens. Senior Megan Mancini played her first match back from her injury which is good news for the team. Next week the girls will take yet another trip up to Wasatch to take on the Wasps again. Then next Friday and Saturday region games start at Liberty Park, and hopefully the girls will smash their way into the State Championships.

- by Danny Franks

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

JCL to visit area schools

This year, Mr. Soran and the JCL (Junior Classical League) are planting seeds in the youth of today in order to prepare them for Latin. This year the JCL will be traveling to schools in Utah to teach them about the basics of Latin, and will do this by teaching them basic grammar as well as mythology. The plan is to have the students learn hands-on in an attempt to not only spark their interest in Latin, but to learn about the ancient world's cultures.

- by Luigi Lollini

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Girls soccer beats Park City

The girls soccer team managed a 2-1 victory yesterday over Park City. Goals were scored by Maddie Cartwright and Kathryn Martinez. The ladies prepare for the second half of region play and are hoping to be playing well when it comes to the state tournament in October.

- by Erich Berckman

Monday, September 17, 2007

Girls Lax Beat

The girls lacrosse team has already had two meetings and is off to a good start. There are about 40 girls who are interested in playing this year. The girl's are hoping for a great season with Jenn and Sarah returning to coach and with few new coaches. The team also has some big plans including purchasing new uniforms for the varsity team and going to a training camp in Disneyworld, Florida over spring break.

Important notices:

  • Disney World Deposit #1 due Friday September 21st at 3PM to Mattie
  • Reed in the Activities office
  • Keep selling magazines to help raise money.
  • Unofficial conditioning starts for the team November 1st with the track team.
  • Tryouts are in January.

If you have any questions or are interested in playing contact Jenn Williams at judgeladieslax@hotmail.com

~Claire Lordon

Friday, September 14, 2007

Golf Team in Uintah

The tolf team played again on Thursday, September 13 in the Dinoland Tournament in Vernal. Uintah hosted the event in which the Bulldogs placed 3rd. Andrew Etzel led the team again shooting a 72. Craig Chiesa, Micheal Hanover, and Rob Puskedra also scored for the team. The team is playing well this fall and the contributions from lower classmen are a good sign.

- Jack Lund

Football gets ready for Homecoming

It's homecoming week and the Bulldogs are fired up after their 35-7 pounding on once ranked #1 Logan Grizzlies. Tyson Moll had 3 touchdowns and over 100 yards against the Grizzlies last week and hopes to have another standout performance. Lewis Walker had to leave the game after a concussion midway through the 3rd quarter and will not be able to play this week. Despite Walker's absence, the Bulldogs look to claim their 4th victory against the Ogden Tigers. Make sure to come out to the game and show your Homecoming spirit.

Judge Baseball 2-2 in Fall Practice League

The Judge baseball players are currently playing on a fall ball team coached by Jim Shipman. The team is made up with last year's varsity roster, and a few freshmen. The Judge fall ball team played two double headers, the last few Saturdays and they have a 2-2 record. Not to worry though, fall ball is a non-competitive league to get players practice playing a live game. This weekend they might not play due to Homecoming, but plan to resume the following weekend.

- by Riley Ashton

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Girls Tennis

This week girls tennis took on the Waterford Ravens at Waterford and took them down in style, sweeping all the games. All varsity and junior varsity singles and doubles won all their matches. "We played really well and now we've won two in a row," Avery Noorda said. "Everyone's all playing good," said junior Jaqi Pok.

The Bulldogs are still missing their senior captain Megan Mancini who has a cracked sternum and is unable to play #1 singles. Next week the Lady Bulldogs play Waterford again on the September 20 at Liberty Park.

-by Danny Franks

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

sidewalk chalk

The cheerleaders and student council decorated on Sunday. Here's how things looked before the sprinklers were turned on Monday morning.

September calendar

Keeping 'Money in the Bank'

Homecoming has always been a big deal. Between getting a group together, buying the tickets, and figuring out what to wear, it is not easy to keep things affordable. Yet there are ways to cut down on the costs of homecoming, so here are some helpful tips from the upperclassmen to help keep money in your wallet this homecoming season.

"Have dinner at a friend's house, it's cheaper." –Alex Guinney (senior)

" Go in a group! Get a friend and split the cost of couple's tickets instead of buying singles tickets. It's cheaper to buy couples tickets." –Alex Burckhard (senior)

"Trade dresses with a friend. Don't buy a new one for every dance." –Devon Schlotterbeck (senior)

"Don't go out and spend a lot of money on your hair and make-up. You'll end up pulling your hair up anyway!" –Liz Holloway (senior)

"Don't rent a limo, and don't get the most expensive cute shoes because you'll take them off and they could get ruined. That's what happened to me freshmen year." Dusti Eden-Overman (senior)

"[Carpool] Have some one with a big car drive." –Erik Yamashiro (senior)

"Go somewhere that's good [to eat], but inexpensive." –Jeremy Goldenberg (junior)

"[Guys] don't need to suit up!" –Peter Finch (junior)

Figuring out where to eat can be a pretty big hassle, especially if you don't know where to start looking. Here is a list of some of the places juniors and seniors went to eat last year (in case you needed an idea or two for dinner):

Crown Burger
Salt Lake City
377 E 200 S
(801) 532-1155

Sky Box
The Gateway Mall
4 S Rio Grande St.
(801) 456-1200

Salt Lake City
680 S 900 E
(801) 533-8746

Hard Rock Café
Salt Lake City
505 S 600 E
(801) 532-7625

Market Street Grill
Salt Lake City
48 W Market Street
(801) 322-4668

Rodizio Grill
Trolley Square
459 Trolley Sq
(801) 220-0500

-By Erika Minjarez

Homecoming: An event since the dawn of time

Homecoming has been around for decades. It is a tradition that is celebrated in almost every school across the nation, and is a time when students and alumni show the most support for their school.

Homecoming started out as more than just a big football game. It was about bringing alumni, students and others, together as a community, to support making their school the best.

The first real homecoming tradition according to the Rod Library and the University of Illinois Archives was held October 14-15, 1910 at the University of Illinois. Most of the homecoming events only consisted of alumni returning to the school, and it wasn't until the football game between the University of Illinois and the University of Chicago that the real Homecoming tradition started.

But over the years, Homecoming grew into a more spectacular event. Homecoming was soon accepted into High Schools and later even Junior Highs. With this growth of homecoming across the nation, the traditions grew, and homecoming became a regular celebration.

The homecoming traditions here at Judge do reflect those that have been passed on through the generations.

A quote by William Somerset Maugham says, "Tradition is a guide and not a jailer." This quote fits the history of homecoming perfectly because over the years homecoming has been a tradition and has evolved. Now Homecoming involves not only a football game, but also a dance, and to many colleges, and universities, consists of parades, tailgate parties, and more.
To Judge, homecoming has become a way to celebrate the start of the school year. It allows new students to learn about the community at Judge, and offers an opportunity to meet new people.

During Homecoming week a different activity is planned for the students to participate in. On the last day of the week, a pep rally is held to motivate the students for the football game, where Homecoming royalty is announced. Although it used to be a beauty contest only for girls, it later included boys too and the titles King and Queen were given. At Judge they are elected by the students, and are meant to be role models who help out their Judge and neighborly communities.

So this year when you think about who to ask to homecoming or whether or not you should participate in the weekly activities, or even at the pep rally, remember that you're not only participating for Judges homecoming, but also in the tradition of all of the homecomings in the decades past, and hopefully raising the bar for our future homecoming celebrations.

-by Luigi Lollini

Dancing in the Cafeteria? A True High School Musical Moment

The opening school assembly was filled with laughs, sighs, snores, and some occasional snarls. However, students sat up in their chairs when they heard the announcement that the highly anticipated homecoming dance was to be held in the cafeteria. Who made this decision? This may remain an unsolved mystery.

Mr. Delporto, our school's athletic and activities director, stated that he had nothing to do with the decision. If the school's director of this sort of thing had nothing to do with it, then who would? I continued my search.

My next stop was Mr. Beisel. In short, he told me that the dance studio was way too unstable to hold around 750 people. As many students know already, a couple of years ago the ceiling in the weight room caved in during the homecoming dance. Needless to say, this was and still is a safety issue. So, this information helped a little, but still the question remained: whose call was this?

I decided that if no one else, our new principal Mr. Bartman would know. So I headed on down to his surf inspired office and took a seat ready with some questions. But apparently I was wrong and the decision was made prior to his arrival. But he did shed some nice light on the subject. Everyone is complaining about having the dance in the cafeteria, but is it really going to be that bad? "The cafeteria is the only place with central air conditioning so I don't see why students are complaining." Mr. Bartman told me. It's true, the dance studio gets so hot and it might be nice to dance without the dewy, or as some might say "reduce the sweat factor".

Still, it doesn't seem like the cafeteria is going to be able to meet students' standards. " This isn't High School Musical. The cafeteria is a place for eating not a place for dancing." stated sophomore Mikelle Mancini after hearing the news. Mancini is not the only one upset about this change. Students from each grade are questioning the reasons behind this recent switch and a question on many students' lips is " why not the gym?" The gym is considered a very important place to some people at our school and for good reasons. But isn't the dance studio just as important? In the past the dance studio's floor has had to suffer from 4-inch stilettos clanking on its panels but no one seemed to notice. Now that the dance studio is out of the question, maybe it is a time to compromise. We all want what's is best for our school but, sometimes it seems as if no one really knows what's best. There seems to be nothing that we as a student body can do except show up and have a good time.

-by Cricket Oles

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Amnesty International meetings

Far away from the SmartBoards and laptop carts of Judge, people are suffering. Whether it's prisoners in Argentina or impoverished children here in the U.S. all people need food, shelter, and justice. But Amnesty International is here to change all that.

With over 2.2 million members in over 150 countries worldwide, AI is nonviolently attacking injustice around the globe. With the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights as their guide, their millions of volunteers come together to promote and protect human rights.

All this might seem far away from your Judge classroom, but it isn't. Every Wednesday morning in the Campus Ministry room members of the Judge chapter meet. You can have donuts, juice, and help change the world – all before school starts.

- by Madelyn Machon

Monday, September 10, 2007

Dance II: The Stage is Set

With 37 eager girls, Jeanette Sawaya and Natosha Washington have the duty of molding these young talents in Dance II into Dance Company material. Though you may be misguided by the notion that Dance II is an easy A, don't get too comfortable with that idea. Boasting the most intense curriculum of the dance department, the girls not only are tasked with memorizing intricate choreography, but are also drilled on precise technique and even on the history of modern dance. However, this is all in preparation of the celebrated Judge Dance Company.

The Dance Company is a performance-oriented group of the highest level. Comprised of Juniors and Seniors, they compose such shows as the Dance Concert and the Homecoming half-time show.

According to Ms. Sawaya: "Usually if they survive [Dance II] then they are ready to move on to higher levels". She believes that perseverance commands high respect and will determine their rate of success in Dance Company.

- by Eric Humphrey

Friday, September 07, 2007

Girls Soccer plays Union on Tuesday

Girls soccer has started region play and is contiuning to try and cope with the many changes they have faced this year. They not only have a new coach but Jenna Sliwinski, one of their key players, is still out with a severe collarbone injury suffered in the early season. The team's next game is Tuesday Sept.11 against Union at home and then they travel to Uintah to play the Utes.

Football team faces #1 Logan tonight

Friday, September 7, 2007- The Bulldogs claimed their second victory of the season defeating class 4-A Woods Cross 41-18. Five Bulldogs put points up on the board including 2 touchdowns from Bruce Garlinghouse, and one each from Lewis Walker, Tyson Moll, Jordan Benson, and Keenyn Walker. Keenyn also had three interceptions.

The Bulldogs remain undefeated but face a tough schedule down the road. They play the #1 ranked Logan Grizzlies tonight in Logan. With the Bulldogs being ranked #2 it is going to be a classic showdown and will prove to be the game of the week.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

National Honor Society Holds First Meeting of the Year

On the afternoon of September 5, the National Honor Society held its first meeting of the school year in Mr. Van Orden's room. Despite the briefness of the proceedings, important information regarding upcoming events as well as the plan for the whole year was discussed. Members are already signing up to volunteer at "Back to School Night" as well as declaring the first nominations for the organization's officers. "Back to School Night" is Wednesday, September 12. The next meeting, in which officers will be selected, is scheduled for Wednesday, September 26.