Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Girl's Swimming

The Judge girl's swim team is having an incredible season. Despite losing some of It's key seniors, the team has grown to the largest in a decade. 12 freshmen have joined making 31 girls on the team total. Seniors Kate Mcminimee and Garam Kim and juniors Carolyn and McKenzie Carter are favored in many events. Cassandra Cokl is one of the many up and coming freshmen on the team. "This year is looking great for the girls," said coach Matt Finnegan. When asked which event the girls were strongest in, Finnegan answered, "Well, distance is our real strength but we are pretty versatile. We have been competitive everywhere, and performed well in our meets." Now the team is focused on the 3A state title. Judge seems to be the favorite for the state title but Logan and Park City will certainly be challengers. This is shaping up to be an incredible year for the girls and the entire Judge swimming community.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Dance Concert

On December 10th, the Judge Dance Company performed in their annual Winter Concert. Cozy Christmas lights added to the intimate setting. With the exception of a few music glitches, the show went off without a hitch. The evening featured many great pieces and with the theme of 'Women' in mind, many student choreographers showcased their talents. The inspiration for Junior Jordan Dowd's piece, Lady of the Lamp, was Florence Nightingale: "When she was a head nurse in the Crimean War, (Nightingale) would send all of the other nurses to bed at eight but she would stay up late into the night with the injured soldiers, so they called her 'lady of the lamp'." Junior Jessica Gaffney's choreography, titled Intuition, was also influenced by women she admires. Dance Company President Natalie Brown said, "With my solo and choreography I attempted to show the weaker and more vulnerable side of women, the side that every woman must face no matter how strong they are." Seniors Tatiana Mixco and Megan Carpenter also performed solos. Mixco said, "(My solo) was about my friend who got into an accident and suffered severe head trauma. He went into a coma for six seeks and has miraculously not suffered as much damage as we thought." Senior Sienna Larsen's Womanizer and Kristi Brown's Persevere Together were audience favorites. Seniors Chesley Price and Bridgett Fey collaborated on Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Fey said that the inspiration was "that all girls need a fun night out". Price agreed, "No matter how old you are, you can always have fun." Dance director Miss Sawaya says, "Winter Concert was our holiday gift to everyone in the audience."

Judge Swim 08-09

The Judge girl's swim team is having an incredible season. Despite losing key seniors such as Alex Carter and Chris Gibbs, the team has grown to the largest in a decade. 12 freshmen have joined making 31 girls on the team total. Seniors Kate Mcminimee and Garam Kim and juniors Carolyn and McKenzie Carter are also favored in many events. Cassandra Cokl is one of the many up and coming freshmen on the team. "This year is looking great for the girls," said coach Matt Finnegan. When asked which event the girls were strongest in, Finnegan answered, "Well, distance is our real strength but we are pretty versatile. We have been competitive everywhere, and performed well in our meets." Now the team is focused on the 3A state title. Judge seems to be the favorite for the state title but Logan and Park City will certainly be challengers. This is shaping up to be an incredible year for the girls and the entire Judge swimming community.

A Team Left Behind

On Friday, December 5th, Judge Memorial Hockey played a game against Davis High School. As the people began piling in, the Davis side of the rink was swarming with Davis fans. Within five minutes of the game, there was not a single spot open on the Davis bleachers. The Judge team alternatively, had one, lone student, a dedicated teacher/priest, and a few supporting parents. Out of the 815 students that go to Judge Memorial, there was one student representing Judge and supporting the hockey team. The Davis fans were nothing short of brutal. Not only were they making snide remarks to Judge Players, but they were mocking everything Judge stands for; they were disgracing the name of Judge Memorial, but in the same sense, Judge was disgracing itself. The game ended in an outlook of aggravation and deep frustration because bluntly this was nothing new. The hockey team represents Judge, but who represents them? The moral and mental conditions were at a saddening low.

This was not the only game of this outcome and degrading mental affect. As part of its mission statement, Judge Memorial encourages and teaches students: “Respect for oneself, for one another, for the learning process, and for the physical environment which should be the hallmarks of all who form the Judge family.” The Judge Family: Is that what we really are? A family doesn’t leave out a member; a family respects and loves everyone; and most important, a family supports each other. Seeing this year’s hockey season, one can conclude we are far from family.

As these Davis fans cheered on their players and insulted and degraded the Judge players, the one Judge fan and the few supporting parents yelled as loud as they could for their team, but their voices could not be heard over the opposing sides.

We, as a school, can help out the hockey team, and all unrecognized and shadowed teams for this matter. Whether it is hockey, swimming, soccer or dance, we all need to be there to show our love and support for each other. We need to be a family and we have to start now. We, Judge Memorial Catholic High School, need to build up that pride again and show our students we care for them. “When you pull on that jersey, the name on the front is a hell of a lot more important than the name on the back.” –Herb Brooks at the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Game.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Grim Outlook for McCain

The outlook of the election is looking grim for John McCain. In September alone Barack Obama raised $150 million, mostly in small Internet donations. He is allowed to spend all of it because he opted out of a publicly financed campaign. McCain did not and thus is only allowed to spend a little of $80 million. Due to Obama's massive financial advantage, he is outspending John McCain as much as 4-1 in some states and has made traditional Republican states such as North Dakota, Indiana and North Carolina fair game in this election.

McCain is now being forced to play defense in all the battleground states except Pennsylvania, a Democratic trending state. Current projections of the election from Real Clear Politics show a potential blowout victory for Obama, 364-174 electoral votes. Only 270 electoral votes are necessary to win.

You have to hand it to McCain though, he is still looking on the bright side. In an interview with Brian Williams, McCain said, "Down in money, down in the polls, we got them just where we want them."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Making A Difference

Today in America, we face such issues as rising gas prices, terrorism and the wars it has caused, and a variety of things everyone can live without.

But here at Judge, there is a club that is trying to make a difference not only in our country, but around the world. The Rotary Interact club at Judge does wonderful things to make the ugly world into a better place.

The Interact club is a fundraising group that helps local and international communities. Their goals this year are to raise enough money here in Utah so that they can go on an international trip to Cambodia, where they plan to fund girl's scholarships. Said student leader Alexis Naylor, "It is important to do these kinds of things because it shows a sense of community service that you just don't normally see today."

This is Naylor's first year as the student moderator of the interact club. Before she became the leader, she was in charge of food. Now, she has many more responsibilities, such as coordinating the fundraisers. Last year, they raised $9,000 locally, more than enough to fund their international relief trip to Mexico. In Mexico, they provided relief to communities devastated by hurricanes and other coastal storms.

"The best part about the trip was seeing the looks of happiness on their faces when we delivered their supplies" said Naylor.

Joining this amazing group of people is simple. They normally meet in Dr. Qualls's room every other Thursday. To become a member, all you have to do is show up at a couple of meets and get involved with the activities. If you are looking for a club that helps people who are in need and has fun doing it, the interact club might just be the club for you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Women's Cross Country Hope For More State Winners

When a person sees the Judge Memorial girls cross country team running it might not seem special, but when that person finds out that the team runs at least six miles every day and has many runners with scores on the state level it might change their opinion. Judge is a 3A school that has a gifted girls cross country team. The Judge team is a no cut team meaning anyone who had the determination can run. The only rules are that once a person joins they must be to practice on time and try their hardest. Right now there are about 20 dedicated girls on the Judge cross country team. They practice every day after school running anywhere from 5-12 miles depending on the day. Every Saturday they have a meet somewhere in the district. "Just because it's a no cut team doesn't mean you can slack off. You still have to be there for every practice and race and you need to try your best and be determined." says freshman Elisabeth Barrows.
The team has been very successful in past years. They have won state before and many of their runners have scored on state level on their own. Two such girls are Hailey Knettles and Lindsay Baker who were amazing runners the four years they were at Judge however the school lost them when they graduated and started college at the University of Portland (Oregon). Many other girls have run and scored on state level such as Jacqui Rodriguez, Lizzie Hindert, and Alex Hallows. With many of these girls having graduated or coming upon senior year, the coaches at Judge are looking to the freshman to start a whole new line of winners. the Judge women's cross country team hopes to pose a serious threat to the title this year as well as many of their rivals.

By Emily Strand

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Judge Dance: A Quarter of a Century of Excellence

Judge has had a dance company for over 25 years. The dance company has four major performances throughout the school year. "Our biggest is the spring dance concert at the end of the year" said Natasha Washington, a dance teacher at Judge. The choreographers of these concerts are Washington and Jeanette Sawaya, who teaches dance at Judge as well. Guest choreographers and students help put together dance pieces along with Washington and Sawaya.

But why do they do it? "Dance is a really big part of the Arts and art shows the sophistication of society. Dance also is a way how people express what's going on in our world," said Sawaya. "Young people need to move to understand what their body is like and how to express themselves, and that's why I teach dance."

If you want to get involved in dance, it's easy. You can sign up for dance as an Arts credit during the school year. You can also audition for Dance Company in March and, in December; you can tryout for the winter concert.

If you want to know more about dance, talk to a student leader. Dance Company President, Natalie Brown and Choreography Captain, Kristi Brown will be glad to help. You can also contact the Senior Officers, Chelsey Price and Bridgett Fey or the Junior Officers, Julia Hicks and Isabelle Gabash.

As Washington says to all her classes the first day of school, "dance is super fun and anyone can do it."

Monday, September 08, 2008

The All New Judge; Deans Office

A lot of changes have been made at Judge for the 2008/2009 school year. Practically everything is new. We have new teachers, new uniforms, and even new deans. I sat down with our new freshmen dean, Mattie Reed, to discuss some topics that the student body was interested in. Mattie Reed has enjoyed working with the administration in her past career at Judge, but she decided to take on a more challenging role as freshmen dean. Many students have been curious about the uniform changes this year, and Reed said, "I do not feel qualified to answer these questions, but I can say the uniform rule change has been challenging for some students to adapt to this year." This is all for September news in the deans office, so check back later for more news and updates in the deans office.


To find all the information about yearbook I went right to the source, the head person. I went to ms. Joan Jensen. To ms. Jensen, yearbook isn't just an activity or a club, it's "an exciting, appealing, and memorable piece of literature that people will enjoy looking back on many years down the road." And that is exactly what it is. The yearbook is made to keep memories. If you were to join the yearbook staff you would get some perks for the job, first of all you would get to see the yearbook first out of all the students. Second you can earn pizza parties and other incentives for making deadlines. But over all is that you helped make the record of all the years' memories. If you would like to be in the yearbook staff you would most likely be interviewing people, writing stories, and using graphic design skills to create an appealing spread. But to get in yearbook you would have to have a teacher recommendation along with information about student commitment to the staff. Unfortunately the yearbook staff is reserved for grades 10-12… sorry freshmen. Over all ms. Jensen says that overall, the club has fun doing the job.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Peace & Alliance Club

Many people don't know what the Peace & Alliance Club is. The Peace & Alliance club is a merge of the Amnesty Club & the Multi-Cultural Club. This club is run by Mr. Lovett and Mrs. Morgan. I asked Mrs. Morgan what the purpose of this group was and she said, "We promote tolerance, dispel stereotypes and we try to show that all races should get along."

When I asked Mrs. Morgan what some of the best parts of the club are, she said, "I really enjoy helping the students in this club and all the kids benefit from joining the club." In order to join this group, all you have to do is show up to one of their meetings. The Peace & Alliance Club meets two Fridays of every month. The meetings are usually in the morning. Information on the meetings can be heard on the morning announcements in your homeroom class. You may also go and talk to Mr. Lovett or Mrs. Morgan. If you are not able to get in touch with them then you can talk to Levaughn Wilkins or Chau Nguyen. These two are the student leaders of the group and they would be happy to answer any questions that you have.

This club has many things going on all year round. In October there will be an assembly for the club and they will tell you more about everything that they do. Mrs. Morgan said that this would be a great time for any student looking to join to get more information on the club. In January, this club will be helping out with Human Rights Week. If you have any questions feel free to talk to Mr. Lovett or Mrs. Morgan.

Bookstore Apparel

At the judge memorial bookstore not much has changed really. It is still in the same place in the cafeteria but there are a few new items available. Like the Judge T-shirts that are now available and you can wear them on Fridays. I decided to ask a couple of students what their opinions were on the apparel there and their answers were all pretty much the same not much has changed. It is mostly the same from last year with a few new additions. They said that maybe they should get some more items from year to year instead of just one or two every year. The judge sweat pants are still available in the bookstore. You can also buy some of the uniform sweaters there if you would like to. There are also things like sweat shirts and sweaters available for purchase. They also sell socks for athletics and all the other things you might need for a successful school day at Judge Memorial.

JV Football Kicks Off

The JV football season has just taken off after three hard, hot months of practice. I talked to the quarterback, Daniel Shiramizu and wing back, Kevin Ortiz.

Daniel Shiramizu first about how he thinks the JV season will go and other questions. First I asked him how long has he played football and what can you do in the off season to stay in shape and get better. He told me "Umm since fifth grade. You should lift to get stronger and watch tape to see my mistakes or areas I can improve in." A couple other question were who are the captains and what are some things your team has done to make you proud. He replied "The captains are Max, Jimmy, Christian, and me. I am proud that no one quit during two-a-days and stuck that out and I am proud we won our first game as well."

Next I interviewed Kevin Ortiz. I asked some of the same questions like how long have you been playing football and what can you do in the off season to get better. He said " this is my eighth year playing. I get sharper on the plays, work on my technique, get faster, and better." I also asked Kevin when do you start training and are there tryouts. "We start training in June and they are no tryouts for football, but you have to go through two-a-days to be able to play football."

The JV season kicked off with a win Ogden last Thursday. This Thursday they go up against the Highland Rams from Idaho. Go cheer them all on. GO BULLDOGS!

The Golf Season

I interviewed Coach Brimley's son and player Tyler Brimley about the coach and the golf season so far. Coach Brimley is the coach of the golf team this year. This is the first year that Coach Brimley has coached for Judge. His son Tyler, who is on the team, says that Coach Brimley still plays golf and he has played almost his whole life. The captains or head students of the team are the Senior players Johnny Murphy and Will Bowers, says Tyler. Tyler says that the best thing to do during the off season, when it isn't snowing, is to practice daily or as much as possible, to get ready for the season. So far, they are either in 3rd or tied for 3rd depending on today's (09-04-08) game. Their practices vary, but their main courses are Glendale, Mountain Dale, and Bonneville. Their home course is Glendale. So far the team is doing well and they need to keep working on getting into first.

Inside Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry has many events going on all year long with their new senior ministers. Campus Ministry is an organizer for the events involving all students of the red and gold community.
Although it sounds like a great club, it is actually a class for seniors only. It is too late to become a part of it this year, but all juniors can apply at the end of junior year for this class. It is located in Mrs. Garcia's room and includes many of Judge Memorial's seniors. Campus Ministry helps with many things, but because it is the beginning of the year, Campus Ministry hasn't done much yet. A current Campus Minister, Megan Bush, quotes, "We are proud of freshmen orientation day." There were many fun activities for all ministers and freshmen to enjoy even though the new year was close ahead.
Campus ministers will always be roaming the judge hallways to advocate for spiritual enlightenment. They are here to remind us to have faith through out our Catholic High School.

Girls Cross Country: Revealed

Cross country is defined as a long race run over fields, through woods, or over hills. The definition almost presents the sport in a derogative way, making it seem simple, uncomplicated, and undemanding. Those who have experience in the activity know better then to believe such dishonesty. Cross country is an extreme distance run, with many rewards. Belonging to a team, accomplishing a task, cheering for others, and getting in shape are some of the numerous benefits cross country provides. Listen to the wise words that Coach Reed spoke at freshman orientation "If you aren't involved in a sport, or wish to do a sport. Run cross country!" As a freshman cross country can help get to know other people and become a part of the Judge community, even more so then before. Upper classmen who have experience can be leaders of the team and guide others to a well deserved victory. Either way cross country benefits you beyond belief!

Girls cross country is one of those unique sports where anyone can join. Although the cross country meeting has already occurred (on August 25) it doesn't mean that you have missed the fabulous opportunity to become a true bulldog. You can contact head coach Bob Thompson for information and forms that are required for any Judge sport. Coach Thompson has been the assistant for many years and finally has been granted with the head title. With the current loss of some amazing runners (due to their graduation) Coach Thompson is ready to find some new, talented runners.

For those of you who wish to cheer on the magnificent girls cross country team, they have multiple upcoming events. September 6, 12, 20, and 27th the varsity team will be running "Invite" (located at many different high schools and colleges.) For more information and locations go to this page.

What is Lit. Mag.?

Literary magazine, better know as lit mag is an after school activity that gives students a chance to be published in Judge's very own Catharsis magazine. This club is the place for students looking to have their own stories, poems, art work, photos, and any other forms of self expression they can think of published. Catharsis has won National Awards of Excellence for the last fourteen years straight. This critically acclaimed magazine is open to all people, freshmen to seniors. You can join by simply submitting your work (attached to a form). You can submit all the way up to the February deadline. People with further questions or interest are encouraged to talk to Mrs. Simpson in room 318. This after school activity is recommended to anyone who has something to say, whether it be through writing or artwork. Lit. Mag. is easy to join, fun to be in, and a great way to share ideas with the rest of the school.

Concert Band Assemble

The concert band started practice at 7:00 o'clock sharp on August 22, 2008. As Mr. Harris, the band teacher, said "we do not except lateness, we start right on time" They have just started to get to know each other and working on building up skill as one band. They meet Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday; but also have to practice 150 minutes a week at home. The first performance for the Concert band is The Fall Concert on October 13, 2008. While talking with Mrs. Mayer, the music department director, she mentioned that she is very excited for this year making it her thirteenth year working here at Judge. She said, "We are going to make this year a great year" While asking her what her goals are for this year she mentioned "I hope that they will be able to perform a lot and play some new things" But Mrs. Mayer is not the only one with a couple of goals. Danny Sayer, a clarinet player for the Concert Band, said, "I hope to strengthen my ombershure and scale performance." Overall the band has assembled and is ready to begin its playing for another great year.

Junior Classical League

Mr. Soran has been in charge of Junior Classical League (JCL) since it's start at Judge in 2002. Class activities include making toga, catapults, and recreating Roman battles. "The class is very hands on… All the students love it!" said an enthusiastic Mr. Soran. September 14th Mr. Soran and JCL members will be at LaserQuest playing toga tag. Every two years, the class travels to Europe to see and experience the real life of Romans and Greeks. "This spring we are going to Italy and circling down to Sicily." explained Mr. Soran. Visiting the Isle of Capri seems to be their favorite place. "Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!" were the words Mr. Soran used to describe it. Every year there is a JCL convention. This year it will be held in Los Angeles. About 1500 students compete in athletics, academics, and art. "Knowing that the students take something away from the class." is Mr. Soran's goal. Infact, the last two valedictorians of Judge were apart of JCL. "It's open to anyone that wishes to enrich their lives." promoted Mr. Soran. To join JCL, admittance is $50.

National Honor Society 2008-2008

A National Honor Society is a organization dedicated to recognizing students with a 3.5 or higher GPA. Mr. Van Orden is in charge of the NHS at Judge, and has been for a couple years. "The National Honor Society is available only to sophomores, juniors and seniors at Judge," Mr. Van Orden says. "It's especially good to have on a college application, since the NHS is recognized almost anywhere."

The National Honor Society was started in the early 1920's, by a Dr. Edward Rynearson. The National Honor Society quickly evolved into one of the nation's leading educational groups. In 1929, the National Junior Honor Society started, which is the same thing only for students in grades 7 through 9. Both the National Honor Society and the National Junior Honor Society are sponsored and also supervisered by the NASSP. The NASSP also appoints a National Council, which is the body of the NHS. The NASSP is also the organization that picks the people for the exclusive NHS Scholarship.

The National Honor Society focuses on four main things: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. The student officers in the NHS are usually seniors, but they can be students in other grades as well. The student officers meet once a week, and the rest of the NHS meets one day a month in a certain classroom specified by Mr. Van Orden. There is one president, usually seniors, and there can be 1 to 3 vice presidents. There will be an announcement later on this week talking about how you can get a form and fill it out, and Mr. Van Orden and the rest of the NHS will consider inviting you to join them. Remember: you have to be invited to the NHS, it's not something you can just join. The National Honor Society does a variety of things, they offer tutoring, and they will occasionally do neighborhood cleanups.

So, the NHS is a pretty cool group to be apart of, so watch your grades so you can join! Talk to Mr. Van Orden in room 206 for more information.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Repeat?...Or Bust!

State Champs last year. Can it happen again this year? They sure think so!

There are some teams who win state one year, but can't come through the next. The Judge soccer team is hoping to do just the opposite of that this season.

Last year the Judge soccer program won the State Championship with a whole lot of motive. "We are known for how much heart we put on the field, but we had a lot of games last year where people expected us to lose, but we had so much desire and effort that we came out winning," says Judge captain Maddy Cartwright.

As all would assume, Judge now has a big target on their back. Maddy says that it will just give them confidence and the knowledge that they can beat every team out there.

I asked Maddy the strengths of the team. "We have a lot of skill and good players in every position," she says. I then asked her the weaknesses. "So far I've seen less desire and heart than past Judge teams, but I think that it's any easy thing to fix in a team, and once we get that then we can beat anybody."

Ask anyone or any team and they will likely tell you that Judge soccer is a force to be reckoned with and that they have good skills in every position. It seems as if the Judge soccer team has a great chance to be a State Champ contender!

Girls Swimming

Coach Finnigan has been the swim team coach for five years. He was a swimmer in high school and college and has much experience in the sport. Swimming hasn't started yet, but those who are looking to be on the swim team but are not doing any other sports right now are doing dry-land three times a week. After school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays they meet upstairs in the gym. The swim team is not aloud to get into the water until September 22, but once they do, they practice everyday from Monday through Saturday. Some of those days practice is in the morning.

Captains for the swim team have not been announced yet, but Coach Finnigan had a few headliners in mind. "Kate McMinimee is looking to be a real asset to the team, and Diamond and Will Bowers for the boys," he said. For those looking to sign up for the swim team still, Coach Finnigan is located in the Development office on the main floor.

Boys Cross Country: Crossing the Finish Line Into a New Year at Judge Memorial

It's a new year at Judge which means another successful year for Cross Country. Bob Thompson, this year has taken over of this popular and successful program as head coach. Freshman Dean Mattie Reed, last year's head coach, and Dan Quinn, former head coach, are still on as assistant coaches. When I talked to assistant coach Mattie Reed about the team this year she told me that it was, "a building team, they are a group of talented young runners who are still building up their skill and are new to the sport but very confident and try their best." I then talked to new freshman Rico Archebeque who just started running this year, "Cross Country is a great way to get in shape," he says, "but even though I am in good shape already (laughs) it still wares me down plus it's a great way to meet new people." Next I got a chance to talk to sophomore Jackson Elizondo who quoted saying, "This is my second year running cross country for Judge Memorial and I play three sports and cross country is by far the best and has a close team. You can always count on one of them to have your back." But though having lost All-American and Utah Boys Gatorade Athlete of the Year Luke Puskedra (University of Oregon) who will be greatly missed. A group of talented youngsters, like Rico, should keep the team in the running for another shot at the state title.

Teton Science Camp

Ever wish there was a place where you can learn and have fun? Well, the Teton Science Camp is your place to go. In mid-February, sophomores, juniors, and seniors can all go to the Teton Science Camp in Grand Teton National Park for less than $500. You get a week-long, hands-on learning experience where you get to learn about science, and about being green.

The theme is: the environment. The kids are taught about the environment and how to protect it so they can live "greener" lives.

Mr. Angelo, who has been involved in this since 1976, said, "This is a life-long experience where kids get to learn about nature. They bring everything back with them and learn how to use it in their everyday lives." We even have other faculty that helped out last year, such as Mrs. King.

When asked about his thoughts on his trip to the Teton Science Camp last year, Anthony Abt said, "This was the best experience ever at Judge,"

"I think it's the best extra-curricular here," states Anthony Bell, who also went.

Obviously, Teton Science Camp is the place to be. If you are interested in going to the Teton Science Camp this year, be sure to pick up an application from the main office. Have the deans check it, get some teacher recommendations, pay the $500, and you're good to go.

"It is definitely a significant experience to all those that come," says Mr. Angelo. "I'm interested to see how this year turns out."

Sophomore Volleyball

This year's Sophomore girl's volleyball team is off to a great start. These lady bulldogs not only know how to serve it up, and they can spike it hard. Many of the players have a lot of experience and under the direction of Coach Lizinski, these girls will refine and redefine their game. With one game under their belts, they are on their way to win.

Coach Amanda Lizinski has been coaching this exact team for two years, and she has played the sport since high school.

"The have improved a lot since last year," says Lizinski, "I can tell they really love the sport." She also says, "This season, will be lots of fun, but two main thing we need to work on is our intensity and confidence."

During off season the team does lots of other sports, some do swimming, basketball, track, and even more volleyball. Team Capitan, Kristy Smith says, "Our team has a real positive attitude, but we need to work on our skills and passing. This season I think will be good, but we need to work hard."

Unfortunately, no wins so far, but they are working hard for this Thursday's game at Juan Diego at 4:30. Their last game in North Sanpete, Utah, was close, score to . But this week, they are ready to win! In case you were wondering, tryouts were the week before school started, and practices are from 3:00 pm to 5:00pm at the Judge gym. If you have any more questions, contact Taryn Horner.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

JMCHS Orchestra

The orchestra for JMCHS is moderated and conducted by Mrs. Ramona Mayer. Every year the string chamber performs at the Judge Fall, Christmas and Spring concerts. Beyond that the chamber orchestra plays at other venues. "We provide a service to the community." Mrs. Mayer sometimes will get requests for performances at the last second. "I get calls all the time for groups for some event or other…we never know what will come up!"

The JM Orchestra has a concert on September 6th at 11:00A.M. at St. Francis Xavier. "The orchestra has five pieces planned for St. Francis-all pieces we did at the end of last year. Because of the time, we had to hit the ground running with familiar stuff."

Orchestra meets three times a week for an hour and Mrs. Mayer encourages students to consider signing up. "This is a zero hour class, meaning it meets before school. It is easy to join – your daily class schedule will not be affected."

"A good leader is not just someone who can play or sing well. It is someone who listens, sets good examples through conduct and shows caring and responsibility in the ensemble," Mrs. Mayer said, "In orchestra, I would say Nick Warner, Max Brennan and Maddie Rice are good leaders, but pretty much all the students are wonderful and do a great job." One of many things Mrs. Mayer is proud of is when orchestra, in 2007, made it to state for the first time in the history of Judge.

Peace and Justice Alliance - Making Judge a Better Place!

If you want to make a difference at Judge, then come to Room 104 this Friday and be a part of the Peace and Justice Alliance!

Ten years ago, Dr. Brinkman started the Multi-Cultural Club when some students approached her with the idea. This year, Judge is combining the Multi-Cultural Club with Amnesty International, to form the Peace and Justice Alliance. The co-moderators of this group will be Mr. Lovett and Mrs. Morgan.

The group will focus on building a respectful environment at Judge. "There are so many reasons for people to be divided these days," says Mr. Lovett. "We want to heal wounds and promote a good environment." The group also helps by being an ally to people who are treated unfairly because of their race, gender, or disability. "Ally work is a big part of the club," says Mr. Lovett.
Over the years these two groups have done many great things, not only helping the students at Judge, but other people too. Many of the students in these groups have been honored at the University of Utah and have been on TV and on the radio. By combining these groups, Judge hopes to accomplish many great things.

The first meeting for the Peace and Justice Alliance will be held this Friday, September 5, in Room 104. "All students are welcome to take part in this club," says Mr. Lovett. "You don't need to try out or anything. All you have to do is show up at the meetings."

Mock Trial: Aiming for Sixth Straight Championship

With Art Holder as moderator for Mock Trial, they're sure to do good this year. They've won the past five years at the state championship and are hoping for a sixth. Mock Trial is a "mix of debate and acting," says Mr. Holder. Scenario's are set up for the students to act off of.

Mock Trial has students act as defense attorneys, prosecuters, lawyers and witnesses. The prosecuters show how the defendant is guilty, while the defense attorney defends them. With the case they're given, they are also given evidence. "We play it out," says Mr. Holder, "you have to be ready to play both sides." To determine the winnter of the trial, there are three judges who decide who argued the better case.

Anybody can join Mock Trial. Practice starts in December, the case is received in January, and the season begins in February. The trials are done at real courthouses. They meet after school twice a week.

Bulldogs Swim to State

The Bulldog 08-09 swim season begins on Tuesday, September 23, 2008 at Granite high school. Several swimmers will be returning along with Coach Matt Finnigan (who was unavailable for comment) in addition to those returning there will be a number of incoming freshmen.
Among those returning is Junior Will Voytovich. According to Will the main differences this year are a) there are more upperclassmen and b) the captain for the past two years left. When asked who the team will need to depend upon in order to win Will replied, "Mostly the freshman swimming well."

Returning sophomore Serena Karwande agreed with that statement added, "In the end it's everybody." When asked how she felt the team would do this year she yelled, "Dominate!" After her response she was asked why she thought felt that way she replied, "We will improve because we know what losing feels like." Serena also thought that coming back as the underdogs would help because they have nowhere else to go but up. Serena thought that this year a big difference is that more people will be on the team and that everyone will have to work harder.

If you want to join the swim team they need swimmers, "Definitely the boys," according to Will. They want to win Judge's fourth State swimming championship in seven years and to accomplish this they need swimmers! See Coach Finnigan in the Advancement Office to join.

Freshmen Bulldogs Beat Ogden in Opener

Last Thursday, the freshman football team kicked off it's season with a bang, winning huge at Ogden High. "It is always great to open the season with a win, and we are looking to do more of the same throughout this year," said Chris Fuoco about the 44-6 win. Next week they face Benlomand up north for their second game. "We are hoping to win a lot of games this season, and go deep into the playoffs," says Dominic Conti. Winning is one thing this team has not done enough of in recent years, having losing seasons every time in all its little league years. "It all started this year at practice where we re-dedicated ourselves to working really hard," Says Fuoco about the off-season camps and workouts. Another thing that makes this freshman team so good is all of the kids who came out for it this year. "We have so many kids its not even funny," says Dominic. Every day after school, the 34 kids on the team get on a bus and drive to St. Ann's where they practice for two hours every day. "This season has started off great, now we just have to keep up the hard work to continue winning," says Elliot McGill. Hopefully you can come out and see this years freshmen class play sometime soon.

Student Council: Changing the Face of Our School

On any given Tuesday morning in room three twenty, you can always find the Judge Memorial student council, ready and prepared to change their school. "Our main purpose is to support the administration and increase the spirit of our students," says long time group moderator Ms. Elaine Peterson. And the student council has done just that. "We try to motivate, educate, and bring a voice to our students," says senior Mason Hickman.

Recently, this group has transformed the school with the approval of the Judge students. "This year, we were able to get the pep rally back, and have activities planned everyday for the week of homecoming," says student leader and senior Anthony Bell. But of course, the student council is rallied by the students, listening to their complaints and ideas. "If anyone wants to see a change, talk to the student council," says Ms. Peterson.

And the voices of students have really made a difference. Recently the student council has been very busy with the new school year, hearing many complaints about the uniform and sleeves. "We're excited for the new year. We have ideas for a Rocktober, and are maybe even hoping to organize a judge arts festival," says Mason. Looks like the year ahead will be a great one, and Ms. Peterson strongly encourages students to get involved with student council. "In order to join, you have to run. Elections are in the spring for everyone except freshman, whose elections will be held next week," says Ms. Peterson.

To let your voice be heard, talk to your grades student council members and let your ideas make a difference. The Judge Memorial student council is here, and they are ready for a new and exciting school year.

varsity football

The Judge memorial bulldogs have recently started their season with a win over Ogden and north Sampete. In the past the bulldogs have been known for excellence in football, but this year's team seems to have something different about it. I interviewed Chase Jones, a senior lineman and captain, and asked him a few questions about the team. " We work really well as a unit and we all get along." Chase loves hitting people and has since he was a young kid playing little league. " its a feeling like no other," says Chase.

The bulldogs have definitely worked hard for their success from spending nearly the entire summer in the weight room, to two-a-days, in the scorching heat at St.Ann's, and this work has definitely paid off. Next week, the bulldogs play Idaho powerhouse Highland High. If they win it will show just how much this sport means to the bulldogs.

The Environmental Club: Cleaning Up Our Community

"The Environmental Club is getting off to a rough start this year," says Rachel Palmer, a member of this club. She says the reason for that is because their previous advisor doesn't teach at Judge anymore, so they haven't been able to have any meetings yet this year. They also haven't chosen a president of the club, but Rachel said some of the leaders of the club would be herself, Alexis Naylor, Teresa Highsmith, and Marquel Reddish.

Judge defiantly benefits from having this club around school. Rachel says they recycle once a week, collecting all the blue bins in the classrooms and "reusing all the paper, plastic, etc. we would otherwise have just thrown away."

She says that they're going to have a fair sometime this year to inform students about how they can go green and conserve energy. If you want to get more involved, contact Rachel Palmer at rachelmccrae@hotmail.com and she will give you more information about how to join.

Cheer Squad 2008: Off to a Good Start

Judge Cheerleaders are the spirit leaders of the school. Every Friday they come out to the football games, cheer their hearts out and get the crowd pumped up.

"This year's group of young ladies are incredibly talented, hard working, and supportive…The Judge Squad is off to an excellent start and I look forward to watching the squad continue to grow during the year," says Natosha Washington, in her fourth year of Cheer coaching at Judge.

The weekend of Homecoming on the 26th and 27th is the Cheerleaders next event, but you can see the Cheerleaders at any home football game.

If you want to try out for next year's Cheerleading squad, tryouts are in the end of April. They will announce specific dates closer to the time of tryouts. In the meantime, Coach Washington recommends you stay in shape by doing P.E., Dance, and Yoga because they work on your strength, coordination, and flexibility. Coach Washington also would like girls to "focus on [their] academics!" She likes good students.

If you have any questions about Cheerleading, you can talk to Coach Washington, or Erin O'Brien and Kristie Brown, the Cheerleading Captains.

The True Crew Team: Rowing Forward

The crew team is very busy from driving all the way out to the Great Salt Lake to participating in both local and out of state tournaments year around. The crew team practices at the Great Salt Lake and also at the various parks around town such as Sugar House and Liberty Park. There are many people from around Utah who participate. Kids from West, East, Skyline, Olympus, and Judge participate.

Tryouts are on September 8th at 3:45 out at the Great Salt Lake. Anyone who is interested is welcome to come and tryout. There is a parent meeting on September 9th at 5: 50 up at the University of Utah. While participating in crew you get to get your body in shape. You do yoga, run, lift, and learn how to eat right, and of course crew. You can prepare for this sport by conditioning and keeping in shape. One of the many things that the crew team has accomplished is winning the Kennecott trophy by beating Waterford. They have participated in Row for the Cure and the Utah Summer Games up at the Great Salt Lake. This year they are traveling to either Portland or California at the beginning of November. With Nicole Hamory as their coach, they have been able travel to different places around the country such as California, Colorado, Seattle, Portland, and Arizona. She loves the game, which is probably why she has been a coach for four years. " Rowing is the ultimate team sport, everyone crosses the line at the same time."

The team has two captains who keep the team going. It is a sport for both boys and girls and makes everyone feel as a team. " Everyone feels important and valued," says Nicole Hamory. "It is a metaphor for life."

To learn more about the sport visit http://www.utahcrew.org/

The FAST, the FURIOUS, the Boys Jr.Varsity Cross Country Team

Judge Memorial Boys X-country team has many upcoming meets. They are September 6 at BYU, September 12 at Murray city park, September 20 at Eagle Island state park, September 27 at Utah Valley State college, October 9 regional championships at Uintah High School, and October 22 state championships at Sugar House Park. Jordan Higley, a new member of the Judge X-country team says,"I love running with my team mates and running every day because I enjoy it so much." The coach leading the Bulldogs to victory for her second year as head coach is Mattie Reed. Mattie Reed is the Dean of Freshman and also an English teacher. She is also the Head coach of Track and Field. Two years ago the head coach was Dan Quin. "The Judge X-country team is an excellent way to also stay fit for the next sport season and to meet new people." Jordan says.

Judge JV Girl's Volleyball: In Action

The Judge Memorial Girl's JV Volleyball team has already kicked off the season with 0-2 record. With coach Tayrn Horner and assistant coach Bree, practices are Monday through Friday from five to seven and games throughout the week. Freshman Alex Clark, who made the JV volleyball team, had some great advice when describing volleyball and how to condition during the off season. "Playing volleyball is a great way to train for the real season; every time you touch a volleyball you get better physically and mentally. Club is a really great way to improve your skills and meet new people, different workouts work for different people you just have to find what is right for you."

When asked, "what are some things your team has done you are proud?", Alex said, " Just beginning to work as a team. We still have to learn each others strengths and weaknesses on the court but we definitely have improved our team moral by getting to know each other. We always try to work hard on the court and even when we mess up we know that the rest of team will be there to help pick up the slack. It is really great to feel like you can help one another to achieve something!"

With such positive attitudes and great sportsmanship on and off the court, this year's volleyball team will gain much more than just wins.

Freshman Volleyball Season Begins!!

The Judge Memorial Catholic High School girls freshman volleyball team had their first game on Thursday, August 28 at 5:45 pm. It was an unfortunate loss to the North San Pete Hawks, but they still have the entire season to pick it up. Their next game is against Juan Diego at Juan Diego Catholic High School. Come support your school by rooting for them on the way to victory! The team practices 5 days a week (Monday - Friday) right after school in the Judge Memorial gym. And lastly, here are some things the freshmen team have to say about being on the team...
"I get to meet new friends and become a better volleyball player"- Lindy Hughes
"Meet hot guys!" - Shea Zanolli
"We can beat every team!" - Sylvia Austin
"Making new friends!" - Caroline Avila
"Red Spandex!" - Sarah Palmer
"I love meeting new people!" - Marisa Bush
"Spiking is a great way to get out your anger!" - Lizzie Gibbs
"I love to see all my friends after school!" - Maddy Fox
"I love traveling and playing different teams!" - Sami Smith
"It's great to get to play volleyball every day!" - Ellie McDonald
"I love making new friends and the bus rides!" - Megan Wilson

Speech and Debate Is a Great Way To Excel

Speech and Debate is nothing new at Judge. The past and present teams have done very well and are most likely to continue their legacy. Debate and Speech helps students to overcome fears of public speaking and meeting new students at what seems like an enormous school. It also works well with other extra curricular activities because it can also be taken as an elective during 6th period.

If you have not already heard the hype about Speech and debate, it is a club that meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and during 6th period. At meetings Students practice for upcoming tournaments and practice speeches. Once the season begins, they have games against other school teams. The upcoming season of Speech and Debate is soon approaching and the team is preparing and trying to get more students to join. Their plan of action is the next few weeks the team is holding "Speech Arts" where all students are welcome to participate.

The Debate and Speech team has accomplished so much and is appealing to all students at Judge Memorial High School. The team's coach, Ms. McDonald, has said "Speech and Debate has many great students in it who are willing to take risks such as joining in an improv game, or speaking in front of a class of twenty about toothpicks." The team consists of students from all grades and cliques but they all have one common ground, a love for Speech and Debate.

If you are interested in joining the remarkable Speech and Debate team at Judge Memorial High School, you are welcome to join in any meeting held in room 408 and are sure to have an enjoyable time.

Judge Athletics with Mr. DelPorto

Mr. DelPorto has been the Athletic Director at Judge Memorial Catholic High School for 10 years. He is also the Junior Varsity (JV) basketball coach and one of the assistants on the Varsity basketball team. As an Athletic Director at Judge, Mr. DelPorto has made athletics a key part of our school's history and our future. When asked how Judge athletics rank compared to other 3-A schools Mr. DelPorto responded "Some of the best." This is a very true statement. Last year we were the state champions in Boy's basketball, girls' soccer, boy's tennis, baseball, and girls' track to name a few. We were also so close to championships in girls' basketball, football, girls' cross country, and girls' swimming. Judge has also won an award for outstanding athletics six of the last seven years. One of the main reasons Judge has done so well in athletics in past years is because Mr. DelPorto helps students find a sport or activity they would like to be involved in. "It is important to get active and get involved to enhance the high school experience," he says. Another reason for doing so well is coaching strategies such as redefining winner, honoring the game, and "filling emotional tanks" or being positive towards players.

Mr. DelPorto has experience in athletics. While in high school he played one year of football and three years of basketball. He says for basketball especially but all sports you need to do to prepare during the off-season. "Strength, agility, speed, basic skills, and playing your sport are some of the things you should work on during the off-season." Mr. DelPorto says that the student leaders in athletics are any seniors involved in sports. If you are interested in trying out for basketball try-outs will be on November 10. For other try-outs or information talk to Mr. DelPorto or ask in the main office.

Girls Tennis Team in Action

The Judge Memorial girls tennis team is off to a great start this year. This year, the team has 22 girls, four of them freshman. They have been training and playing practice matches, to be sure that they are in peak condition for the seasons opening match against the 4A school, East High. The team did extremely well, winning almost every match.

It is no wonder why the team is doing so well, they are being taught by the best, head coach Lani Wilcox, and Assistant coach Mary Mancini. Lani began playing on the professional circuit at the age of 14, playing with some of the best players in the world, and hasn't slowed down since. Currently, Lani is the head coach at Liberty Park tennis center, which is the team's home court. "The team is so lucky to have Lani. She has so much to offer, and may be one of the best coaches you will ever come by." Says assistant coach, Mary Mancini. And Mary is definitely one who would know! Beginning tennis at a young age, she instantly fell in love with the game. She played tennis competitively throughout college, and continued to play.

Evidently, a passion for tennis runs in the family. After watching their mother play, they quickly showed an interest and pursued it. Her oldest daughter, Megan, played for judge all through high school, and currently plays college tennis in Tampa. But the talent doesn't end there. Mikelle, who is currently a junior at judge, holds the number one spot in singles on varsity. Not only is she known for showing extreme skill on the court, but also team spirit and a cheerful attitude off of the court.

One of the best things about the team is that every girl gets along. The team can compete, but be friends at the same time. You can always count on these girls to be there and cheer you on. Everyone is of equal importance on the team, and is just as involved as the others. Tennis is often viewed as an individual sport, but at judge we really are a team!
So next time you are in the mood to watch a lively, fun sport, come stop by and watch the tennis girls slice, spin, and smash that ball, all while having the time of their life! We look forward to seeing you there!

JROC: Slope Sliding

JROC is a program for students that want to ski and make new friends. A group of seniors said, "All you got to do is give the money, get on the bus, and your in for an adventure." Every Wednesday the students take a bus up to Brighton Ski resort at 3:20. they will arrive at 4:00 and get to ski for four hours, then meet back at the bus at 7:50. On Wednesday mornings the students will bring all of their gear into the storage room. It will be safely locked up until after school when the students then collect their gear and meet in the cafeteria. To join the JROC crew all you have to do is pay a membership fee of $10 and your in. You also will need to bring $20 dollars for each trip to pay for your ticket, unless you already own a season pass then you will only need to bring $5 for the bus fee. Your parents have to sign a permission slip and you will bring food or money for food. Once all this is done you are on your way to a new adventure in the outdoors.

by: ethan gosselin

Girls' JV Soccer Team prepares for the season ahead

Are you interested in playing on the girls' soccer team at Judge? Here is some information on how to get involved and how to be prepared for the season ahead. The girls' soccer team has attracted over one hundred players this year.

"I believe the team will do very well once again this year." Mr. Delporto said. "They may actually be more talented this year than last but time will tell." Mr. Delporto is the sports director here at Judge. I decided that he would be the perfect person to ask about the soccer team because he is in charge of that team and many others.

When asked about Coach Ngo, the coach for the girls' soccer team, Mr. Delporto had nothing but nice things to say about him. "In his first year, they won the state championship." He remarked. "He has coached at the club level for many years, as well." Coach Ngo was the assistant with the previous coach, Wayne Voorhes, for four years before taking over the team last year.

The soccer team is broken into "Squads". They are a mixture of varsity and junior varsity players in groups of 28 people. If you would like to get involved, contact Mr. Delporto or Coach Ngo.

Bulldogs Hockey: A Season of Rebuilding

As the Judge Memorial Bulldogs had their first hockey practice on August 25, they were all very excited about beginning hockey season, despite having to be at Steiner Aquatics Center at 6:00 AM. They were all very tired, but happy to be there because they are hoping to get past their recent struggles. Although Judge has a storied history for their hockey time, they have not done their best in the past few years.

"We have a very young team," says coach head coach Todd Brown, "but we are growing and we are looking to improve on last year." Coach Brown is new to the Judge Hockey program and he hopes to start off his Judge Hockey career right as the team prepares for Sky View on September 8th. "We have many new challenges this year, but I have also seen a lot of improvement in our first practices." The Bulldogs are led by Shawn Benvugnue, junior, and Steve Strehl, sophomore.

Freshman hockey player, Wilson Lamb, is just as excited about this season as Coach Brown is. "We have a lot of talent on our team this year," he explains, "As long as we work together as a team we have the potential to beat anybody." Although this is his first year of Judge Hockey, Wilson can't wait to play, even if he is only on the junior varsity team. He has been playing hockey since he was little and is very excited about getting to play at the high school level. Even though this is a rebuilding year for the Bulldogs Hockey team, the expectations for this season are very high.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Judge StuCo Plans First Coffeehouse of the School Year

Join us on Thursday, September 25th on the beach from 7 to 9 pm for our first coffeehouse of the school year. Come and watch your talented classmates perform while snacking on cookies and coffee. If you would like to perform you can sign up after Monday, September 15th outside room 320.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Matt and Eric Show Finale

Check out the tenth episode of the Matt and Eric Show. For this show, Matt Gray and Eric Humphrey interviewed our new student body president Mason Hickman and vice president, Anthony Bell about their plans for the 08-09 school year. Some topics discussed include pep-rallies, dances, intermural sports teams, principal Bartman, making the school greener, and bringing back talent shows. We also interviewed Arash B and Tim Benvegnu about our new leaders.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bulldogs Win State ... finally!

For the first time in school history, the Judge baseball team won a state championship.

They sealed the deal this weekend, with a stunning undefeated appearance in the state 3A baseball tournament. With amazing pitching the games were won with 3 complete games (In the three games Pond, Carman, and Walker each started and closed their games), a rare achievement by any high school.

However the championship game against Juan Diego was a nail-biter for the Bulldogs until the bottom of the third inning. The Bulldogs went into the championship undefeated but with a struggling AJ Carman on the mound, things looked bleak, until in the bottom of the third, when one of the star seniors stepped up to the plate. Batting .000 in the tournament, senior Tyson Moll got himself into an 0-2 count (no balls, two strikes). But then it happened, the pitch Moll had been looking for all tournament long. Fastball down the pipe. Tyson Moll went yard; home run, 3-2 Bulldogs. After the bulldogs gained that lead, they went on to win 6-2. AJ Carman fought through a day where he did not have his best stuff, and came out with a complete game, and the state win.
Check Judge Radio for an interview with Coach Myaer

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring Concert Highlights Musical Talent

Come and support our music department. This is the last major concert of the year. It will feature every group from the music department and will be held this Friday, May 2 at 7 pm in the Judge Auditorium. Including the orchestra, jazz band, chorale, madrigals, and jazz@8, you can be sure to be impressed with everyone's talent and overall improvement from the beginning of the year.

-Unknown Author

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Luke Puskedra wins Arcadia

Luke Puskedra traveled to the Arcadia National Outdoor Track meet on Saturday, April 13. With a strong field and tight race in the boys 3200m, Luke managed to pull away from New Zealand competitor Derrick Channon in the last 500 meters, surging to an 8:46.60 against Channon's 8:48.00.

View the video of Luke's race here

3A State Drama Festival Results

Dramatic Monologues
LeVaughn Wilkins - Overall Superior
Jackie Graham - Overall Superior
Annie Johns - Straight Superiors

Humorous Monologues
Lexie Stuivenvolt Allen - Straight Superiors

Pat Thompson & Sean Abel - Straight Superiors
Sean Sweeney - Straight Superiors

Contrasting Monologues
Lieren Stuivenvolt Allen - Overall Superior

Jillian Weaver & Lukas Richards
-Straight Superiors & Showcase Round (Top 6 scenes at the event)
Stuart Ford & Chris Voss - Straight Superiors

Judge also received a Superior Ranking as a school, based on percentage of participants in each event receiving superiors. There is a plaque that will be displayed in the main hallway.

Boys Soccer in the Midst of an Impressive Turnaround

The boys soccer program has made an enormous leap from last years 4-11-1 season with a number of victories including an impressive and dramatic win over region powerhouse Wasatch. Goalkeeper, Luke Bettin received a yellow card for an illegal play in the box while Judge was up 3-2 and was forced to come off the field. While arguing about the call, two other Judge coaches received yellow cards. Back-up keeper, Lukas Richards was unprepared to enter the game and panic began to ensue. Fortunately, senior Kelly Gee, answered the call, grabbed Bettin's gloves and sprinted to his position in front of the net where Wasatch was given a free kick. Though the shot was on frame and with force, Gee was able to punch the ball safely away. The Bulldogs were able to hold off the Wasp's offense for the remaining three minutes and went on to win their first region game of the season. The team continues their tremendous season with nunnish beatings over Uintah, Waterford and Union. The soccer program has made an enormous leap from last years season with a 7-5-1 record and, under coach Kelly Terril, is emerging as a dominating team in Region 10. For more information, see the soccer blog on the Judge Memorial website.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Boys lax update

The boys lacrosse teams started strong with wins over Skyline and West Jordan, but have since lost three games by one goal. The JV team is undefeated with recent wins over Olympus and Viewmont.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bulldogs To Take State in Baseball

Baseball season has started up again, and our Varsity Bulldogs have a 2-0 record, with a 15 to 1 victory over Highland, and a 9-1 win over East. Our Bulldogs have the very likelihood of winning the state championship with the excellent team we have now, and have the opportunity of winning the next few years with only 3 seniors graduating this year. Keep up the good work fellas'

Disney Comes To Judge

On Sunday, March 15, 2008, Salty Productions and Disney Channel began filming "Hatching Pete" in the Judge Memorial gym, in which all bulldog logos have been masked into dragons. Many students at Judge have reported that they have seen Disney Channel stars such as Mitchell Musso (Oliver from Hannah Montana) and Jason Dolley (Newt from Cory in the House). Excited students have gathered around the set to have a peek.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The field is telling us something

Photo illustration by Will Tempfer

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fresh Start, Fresh Season

Girls' lacrosse season has officially began, and it is off to a great start. The team captains for both Varsity and JV have already been chosen. The dedication has already started at an extremely high pace. The coaches are teaching us skill that we must acquire to play this sport with the best of our abilities, and as they say "It wont be easy, it will take along time to get it, but the only way to make sure you do is practice it constantly." The whole team is currently working on running time, which means we must run 2.6 miles around the school, it is currently taking us about 40 minutes, but if we learn to run at 100% it should take us about 20 min. Our games will not start until March, and the entire season does not end until May. So we have a few short months to challenge ourselves and give it all we got. But besides the fact that we must master these abilities, we must also learn to bond and work as a team. The ability to work as a team is what would make us unstoppable, and nothing else.

- by Yvonne Vierra

Frosh girls b-ball 16-2 on the season

The Judge Freshman Girls ended their basketball season strong with a record of 16 wins and 2 losses. True to that, they made history. No Judge Freshman girl's team has ever only lost two games. It sounds pretty amazing but to the girls it doesn't. Many of the girls came from the same school and an undefeated basketball team two consecutive seasons running. Losing to Morgan twice was unacceptable. All of the girls are thirsty for another shot. But, I guess that will have to wait, until next season, because it turns out that Morgan will not be coming down for the freshman tournament.

The Judge girls started out the tournament with a strong win against East High, 57-20. Judge will go on to play Wasatch on Tuesday February 12. Part of Judge's successful season must be in part because of the team but also because of the cookie makers, Coaches James Lee and Amanda Lazinski. They have put their all into making the most perfect cookie and it shows. I would like to take the time to congratulate the girls and their coaches for having a winning season!

- by Rima McComas

Giving up modern conveniences

This is a follow up from an article printed a few weeks ago about how the freshmen students of Judge Memorial were asked to go 24 hours without using ipods, TV's, videogames, cell phones, or computers (except for when doing homework). The students were also told they weren't allowed to eat snacks in between meals, could only drink water, and could not use personal grooming items. Yes girls, that means no make-up too. The teachers also informed the students that they had to sleep on the floor instead of in their comfortable beds, and a few teachers even decided that they were going to prohibit showering during this 24 hour period.

After everyone had completed their 24 hours, it was interesting to hear what the students had to say. Many students seemed to have that one thing that they just couldn't live without. "I feel this was a really good experience for everyone, but I just wasn't able to give up showering," said Victoria, a freshman at Judge who participated in this project. Other students had become so used to using these items, they just plain forgot they were banned for the day. Mickey, another freshman, stated "I was so tired when I got home that I completely forgot about not being able to sleep in my bed until I woke up the next morning." Even though each student had difficulties with one part of the assignment or another, many believed this was a good assignment because of how it made them realize how lucky they are.

- by Josie Mascher

Monday, February 11, 2008

Baseball preseason

I have been in the Judge Memorial Baseball program for almost 2 months. In those two months, I have been to numerous practices, hit countless balls, and thrown a million balls. Considering that try-outs are still in a month, this is a very vigorous training regiment for a freshman. Getting up at five every morning, weightlifting for an hour, pitching in the gym for another hour, and then after school having hitting practice is an extremely large step from my team last year, but I feel that this will help me develop as a player. The coach of the baseball team says he has such a tight schedule because of how Judge has done in the past several years. Judge has been 2nd or 3rd for the past three years in a row. Lets hope their extra practices and intense coaching helps them get that 1st place trophy!

-by Chase Pribble

3A swim championships

Last weekend the swimming Judge Bulldogs competed in the 3A State Championships. They knew it would be a hard fight going in and they all did their best to rule the pool. In the last five years the girls squad has achieved first every year. This year the girls team placed second to Park City. They made it very exciting, making it come down to the last event – the 400 yard Freestyle Relay. They made Park City give it all and they were great competition. Every competitor did their best and many had personal records. The boys squad, with only twelve on the team, achieved fourth place. Almost all had personal records or got to be on the podium and get a medal. The 2-day meet never lacked in excitement and they reached a great accomplishment. Congratulations swim team of 07-08!

-by Jackson Elizondo

Invisible Children

Recently the entire Judge community watched a moving documentary on "invisible" children of Uganda. This documentary was filmed by three teenagers that went to Africa to explore the culture and let the world know what was really happening there. After watching this Judge raised money for these unspoken for children. They sold bracelets that were made from reeds and assembled by community's children in Uganda, each reed bracelet comes with a DVD on the child who made it.

The money raised here will go straight to children. The same children who without homes who sleep out in the streets in masses just to stay safe from abductions by the rebels. I think that many students at Judge have gotten a lot out of this entire event. Even more things have happened with it teachers even made assignments based on this documentary. I can only hope that people have taken this outside of school and spread the word of the children who cannot speak for themselves. This documentary alone has helped the children and if every one in Salt lake saw this I am sure that there would be large changes for Uganda.

-by Paul Hansen

Chamber Night 2008

The annual chamber night went off on Wednesday without a hitch. We were treated to some wonderful music and great food. There was an excellent showing from the students this year. We had musicians from every grade and a huge variety of instruments were played. There were a number of singers performing solos, duets, and trios. There were also several solos, trios and quintets by band members. Additionally, there was a wonderful string quartet and string solo. The audience was overflowing. Many listeners had to find places on the floor. It appeared that everyone really enjoyed the music. It was not unusual to see someone closing their eyes and smiling to themselves as they listened to the music. The room itself was beautiful. Miss Meyer created a special ambiance with candles and table displays. The food was also fantastic. The table was overflowing with an assortment of delicious finger foods. Every dish was a huge hit! So a huge round of applause goes out to the musicians, parents and audience members. Each one shared a part in making the 2008 chamber night an unforgettable experience.

- by Sierra Brimhall

On a Roll

The Utah Jazz had one of the longest winning streaks in franchise history. They won a record, ten straight games. These games weren't all easy. But with a lot of help from their bench players, it was made possible. Many bench players, such as Kyle Korver, Paul Millsap, and Matt Harpring gave it there all in many wins. In one game the Jazz were down, and Deron Williams, drained a three with only seventeen seconds left in regulation. In overtime, Kyle Korver sealed the win with two clutch free throws. Then things started to go downhill. The Jazz went into Sacramento with the highest win streak in the league. At the end of the third, the game was still in reach, but the Kings made their first seven points from the free throw line. This put them ahead for good, and the Jazz lost by thirteen. The next day, the Jazz came back to Utah to face the Chicago Bulls. This was a very boring game, but the Jazz came away with the win 97-87. The Jazz have one more game before the all-star break, and are in the lead in the northwest division. Can the Jazz continue this success in the second half of the season? Watch, and find out.

- by Alex Ferree

Dance Learns a Thing or Two

During the first week of February 2008, the Dance 1 Class was learning a new hip-hop dance taught by one of the senior dancers. All the dancers were in the dance studio dancing, smiling and working hard. The hip-hop dance they were learning was a dance that the older dancers had performed a couple years ago, to the song by Missy Elliot " Pass that Dutch". They were learning this as an assignment/test in their class. Several times a quarter, the 50 plus dancers learn a new dance. The dancers have learned modern dances, African dances, hip- hop dances, and even have performed a stomp routine in front of the majority of the school at half-time at a basketball game. These dancers learn a lot every week. The hip-hop dance being learned last week was very upbeat and was a challenge. "The dance is challenging, but fun at the same time," said Mary Zost, a dancer in Dance 1 that learned the hip-hop dance. The dancers work very hard dancing and learning.

-by Alex Wright

At it Again

After their debut performance on February 1, Judge Memorial's period one dance class is once again hard at work. On February 4, 2008, the class began learning a lively hip-hop routine taught by Emily, a senior dancer. With the complicated movements and intense footwork, most of the class agrees that it is a difficult dance to learn. "The routine is really challenging, but fun because it shows me where I need to improve as a dancer," freshman Victoria Bruno stated.
After mastering the routine, the class is expected to perform it in front of their teachers, Mrs. Jeanette Sawaya and Ms. Natosha Washington. They will be graded based upon their knowledge of the dance and their performance. The teachers also expect energy and confidence during a performance. In their words, "You can't just go through the movements, you have to believe it." Moving so quickly from one dance to another, the class hopes that their hip-hop performance will be just as entertaining and believable as their debut routine.

-by Mary Zost

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Boys Lacrosse Season Starts

Only one more week of conditioning for the boys lacrosse team at Judge Memorial Catholic High School. The team has been in a blackout period where only conditioning is allowed, but starting this next Monday, President's Day, regular practice is allowed. The season will be officially started.
For the past several weeks the JM Boys Lax team has been conditioning everyday for an hour and a half. Starting with short runs and some light workouts, it quickly evolved into mile runs and very tough work. They've been working their biceps, triceps, abs—lots of abs work—and legs. The team has also done some yoga to keep them injury-free.
This week is the last week of conditioning-only-practice for them, and it's not going to be easy. But next week they can actually practice lacrosse, which they've all been waiting for. This doesn't mean they won't condition during the regular practices, just not nearly as much. All this work will pay off in the games; take a look for yourself.

-by Beau Imhoff

Girls Swimmers Almost Take State

Last Friday and Saturday the Judge swimmers took a trip down to BYU to compete in the State championships. The mood was set and everyone was pumped to swim in their events. Although I was not present I definitely knew what it was like, being a swimmer myself. This is an important moment for a swimmer and it determines their rank on the charts. If they can do well they can be ranked as a top swimmer. Luckily the swimmers were close enough friends that it wasn't all serious and they were able to get in some quality time. Even though it did turn out to be a disappointment when at the end of the meet the Judge swimmers took second losing by only 6 lousy points. We lost to park city which was the worst part about it, but being the good sports that they are they walked out with their heads held high. The boys took 4th place, but they are still our heroes. In fact all of our swimmers are our heroes.

Boys Lacrosse Prepares

This week was the second week of conditioning for the lacrosse team before the off week was over. We are not allowed to use lacrosse sticks because the lacrosse league does not allow us to use lacrosse sticks for three weeks.
Most of the team fears going to lacrosse after school because our plan is to get all of the conditioning out of the way in these three weeks so we can use our sticks when the off week is done. What our workouts usually consist of is some core strengthening and allot of running. On Wednesday we ran six times around the block, which is three miles not including all of the uphill running. Some of the core strengthening includes push-ups, sit-ups, and bridges.
I, along with most all of the team, cannot wait until we get a stick in our hands. We know that all of our conditioning is just making it better but there is a limit to how far all of the running and core conditioning can go.

-by Spencer Conley

A Season to Remember

With their win last Friday over Park City, the Judge varsity boy's basketball team has clinched it's third region title in the last three years. All year long they have been playing solid team basketball winning all ten of their region games and only losing three games to 5A Jordan, 5A Skyline and 5A Brighton who finished 12-7, 12-7 and 15-3, respectively. The Bulldogs have shown that they are a force to be reckoned with no matter the size of the school losing to Skyline and Brighton by only 9 points combined. They are going to be a very tough team in the playoffs and definitely have a great shot at winning it all. Judge has been lead by the spectacular play of big man Noel Hollingsworth and point guard Stallon Saldivar, who both have helped lead the Bulldogs through their amazing season. Other key players include Oliver Hughes, Dee Crandell, and Walker Gale, along with many of the other bench players. This season is one to remember and could be one that gets this team a rafter in the gym remembering their season if they can win it all.

-by Patrick Jones

To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird is a book that I have recently read. It is set in Macomb County, AL in the 1940's; Macomb is a small town suffering from the Great Depression. Atticus Finch a lawyer and a widower with two kids Jem and Scout. Atticus is a man of courage and respect. He wont judge someone by there actions he will put himself in there shoes then decide what he thinks. This book can really make you think about how you make decisions and such.

Tom Robinson is a man convicted of doing a crime that he did not commit. Atticus is chosen to defend him; Atticus knows that he won't win. He takes the case because he knows that it's the right thing to do. Atticus is a man that realizes that everyone has good and bad qualities, but it is more important to appreciate the good and to understand the bad by treating people with sympathy and trying to see from their perspective. So before you judge, try to stand in there shoes and see the way they do.

- by Sydney Gee

Basketball Halftime Show

On Friday, February 2, 2008 the Judge Memorial Dance Class preformed at half time for the Boys Basketball Game. This was held in the Judge Memorial Gymnasium. They were playing against Union and defeated Union by a twelve-point lead. The final score was sixty-four to fifty-two in favor of Judge. The Dance Class performed a Stomp, and it turned out great! They worked on this Stomp for two months, December to the beginning of February. In this Stomp, there were freshman, sophomores, and one senior. The majority of the class was freshman; there were about six sophomores, and a senior, Lewis Walker.

I talked with Mary, a freshman, who preformed the dance and this is what she commented. "It was a fun performance and it showed me what I am capable of doing." They are currently learning a hip-hop dance. Emily, a senior at Judge, is teaching the class and though the students find it difficult, they also find it quite enjoyable.