Tuesday, April 15, 2008

3A State Drama Festival Results

Dramatic Monologues
LeVaughn Wilkins - Overall Superior
Jackie Graham - Overall Superior
Annie Johns - Straight Superiors

Humorous Monologues
Lexie Stuivenvolt Allen - Straight Superiors

Pat Thompson & Sean Abel - Straight Superiors
Sean Sweeney - Straight Superiors

Contrasting Monologues
Lieren Stuivenvolt Allen - Overall Superior

Jillian Weaver & Lukas Richards
-Straight Superiors & Showcase Round (Top 6 scenes at the event)
Stuart Ford & Chris Voss - Straight Superiors

Judge also received a Superior Ranking as a school, based on percentage of participants in each event receiving superiors. There is a plaque that will be displayed in the main hallway.

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