Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Dance Concert

On December 10th, the Judge Dance Company performed in their annual Winter Concert. Cozy Christmas lights added to the intimate setting. With the exception of a few music glitches, the show went off without a hitch. The evening featured many great pieces and with the theme of 'Women' in mind, many student choreographers showcased their talents. The inspiration for Junior Jordan Dowd's piece, Lady of the Lamp, was Florence Nightingale: "When she was a head nurse in the Crimean War, (Nightingale) would send all of the other nurses to bed at eight but she would stay up late into the night with the injured soldiers, so they called her 'lady of the lamp'." Junior Jessica Gaffney's choreography, titled Intuition, was also influenced by women she admires. Dance Company President Natalie Brown said, "With my solo and choreography I attempted to show the weaker and more vulnerable side of women, the side that every woman must face no matter how strong they are." Seniors Tatiana Mixco and Megan Carpenter also performed solos. Mixco said, "(My solo) was about my friend who got into an accident and suffered severe head trauma. He went into a coma for six seeks and has miraculously not suffered as much damage as we thought." Senior Sienna Larsen's Womanizer and Kristi Brown's Persevere Together were audience favorites. Seniors Chesley Price and Bridgett Fey collaborated on Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Fey said that the inspiration was "that all girls need a fun night out". Price agreed, "No matter how old you are, you can always have fun." Dance director Miss Sawaya says, "Winter Concert was our holiday gift to everyone in the audience."

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