Wednesday, March 11, 2009

English Quest

Friday, February 27th, 24 bulldogs ventured to Weber for the annual English Quest. This is the 4th year Judge has participated, and our bulldogs have always been successful in this English competition. It is a "contest that began in St. George years ago" says Ms. Simpson, who takes the English Quest participants under her wing each year. The small event that took place at Snow College, turned statewide about 6 years ago. The winners for this years competition have not been announced yet, but several bulldogs were finalists: Laura Lighty, Pat Thompson, Tom Luchs, Kelsey Hom, Sean Sweeney and Katie Harrington. Students took on feats such as persuasive essay writing, personal narrative, character sketch, spelling bee, poster making, an editing test, designing a book cover, poetry and creating a photo essay. "There have always been competitions for sports, drama, debate...but this is the only competition I know to both celebrate and compete for all language arts." says Simpson. It is a chance for students strong in English to "take it to performance". The other participants included Mary Morgan, Nicholas McDonald, Emily Andrews, Lydia Gardynik, Mike Sayre, Lizz Graham, Craig Domeier, Ben Davis, Jackie Graham, Patrick Boner, Chelsey Rodriguez, Jamie Pisciotta, Lukas Richards, Sam Highsmith, Jade Martinsen, Ryan Sabol, Nickie Worth and Sierra Brimhall. Simpson adds, "A lot of what you do in English, who sees it?" but these bulldogs got a great chance to show off their writing, speaking, poetry, photography and design skills. Congratulations!

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