Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top Ten: Homecoming Courtships

Annie Loader & Jake Winter

1. Mat Kestle.... Decorated Danielle Gaztambide's red VW Bug with black dots accompanied by a note that read something along the lines of "Lady, it would bug me not to go to homecoming with you"

2. Ross Terrill.... Attached a bunch of helium filled red and gold balloons to a little pig stuffed animal which was tucked inside a box. On the outside of the box, a sign said "I'll go to homecoming with you.... when pigs fly!" When Natalie Warner opened the box the pig flew.

3. Jackson Elizondo.... Recreated a Taylor Swift music video asking Mary Morgan

4. Trent Clifford.... Paid for a person to dress up in a giant bunny suit and tell Alyssa Corbett that "somebunny wants to go to homecoming with her"

5. Post its.... Dexter Holmquist covered Grace Haley's entire room with post its

6. Stevie Strehl.... After scoring a goal in the JD vs JM hockey game, Strehl asked Kayla Nielson with a bouquet

7. Ben Cook.... Made a cheerleader themed Build a Bear for Annie Loader

8. Mickey.... Planted a note to Emily Andrews in the Newspaper

9. Hirning.... Put candles in paper bags that spelled out Homecoming

10. Hughes.... Led Hannah Robinson around Downtown on a scavenger hunt

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