Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cheerleaders Looking Forward to a Year of Change

While the vets are getting used to the changes during and outside of practice, the rookies are learning the ropes for the first time. Everything from the coaches to the mascot has taken a change for the better. The new coach Megan Lindsey has been a guest choreographer for Judge dance company. In addition to her hip-hop pieces she is now she's choreographing dances for the cheerleaders. Because of the lack of returning seniors, the captains of this year's cheer squad are seniors Jenny Dabrowski, Brie Marron, Makyla Grovenburg, and junior Kristi Brown. There is no specific captain for one job, instead it's a group effort for the dances, cheers and stunts.
Contrary to last year's squad the seniors of this year's squad are the minority. There is less seniority and the squad as a whole is a lot closer. Every girl is a full time cheerleader; there are no alternates and the mascot is not going to be a cheerleader. For basketball season Lewis Walker will be Brutus the Bulldog and with Mele Vaisima in Idaho the school needs a volunteer with as much enthusiasm and spunk as her. If you're interested in being the school's beloved Bulldog, talk to Natosha Washington.

- by Christina Niemann

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makyla said...

Very true. We all are trying to make a difference in the school spirit at judge for the better. I am very excited for this upcomming year! We have been working so hard and we need suport from everyone! so please get involved! Thank you.

captain 07-08
Makyla Grovenburg