Monday, September 10, 2007

Dance II: The Stage is Set

With 37 eager girls, Jeanette Sawaya and Natosha Washington have the duty of molding these young talents in Dance II into Dance Company material. Though you may be misguided by the notion that Dance II is an easy A, don't get too comfortable with that idea. Boasting the most intense curriculum of the dance department, the girls not only are tasked with memorizing intricate choreography, but are also drilled on precise technique and even on the history of modern dance. However, this is all in preparation of the celebrated Judge Dance Company.

The Dance Company is a performance-oriented group of the highest level. Comprised of Juniors and Seniors, they compose such shows as the Dance Concert and the Homecoming half-time show.

According to Ms. Sawaya: "Usually if they survive [Dance II] then they are ready to move on to higher levels". She believes that perseverance commands high respect and will determine their rate of success in Dance Company.

- by Eric Humphrey

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