Monday, February 02, 2009

indoor track kicks off

It's been a slow start for Track and Field, but the season's meets won't wait for the last person to catch up. Indoor season will be in and out the window, like a cold chill in the night. So far we've had a high of nine participants in one meet, ranging from 2 to 9 people at each new event. This year the team seems to be recuperating from the loss leaders, but it simply needs new talent to step into the spotlight. A couple think you need experience and skill in order to run, jump, and throw, well you can't meet the bar if you don't face it, meaning you won't get any better unless you try. From sprinter/hurdler/thrower/jumper Jenna Sliwinski, to distance pro Luke Puskedra, part of their success attributes to their constant trial, practice, and dedication even after facing failure. There is still much talent on the team, and if you haven't tried racing give it a shot, because you can only gain once you've begun.

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