Sunday, February 01, 2009

Engineering Club

Engineering Club at Judge began the end of the first semester and the club is planning for many entertaining activities for this semester. Michael Robinson, a junior at Judge, the one who created this club tells, "The Engineering Club at Judge is an opportunity for students at Judge with an interest in Math, Science, and Engineering to explore the current world of engineering as a possible career path in college and beyond. We are working directly with the University of Utah's Engineering Department to explore ways of using engineering to solve some of our world's challenges of energy conversion and pollution emissions." They are now focusing on the use of fuel cells and renewable source of energy and preparing for the presentation at the University this summer about fuel cells.
Michael Robinson seems very positive about the club. He says, "I think that the club is a great opportunity for students to get a head start on college correspondence, and will look very good in a resume. The activities that we will be doing are both fun and educational, and we have the potential of making strides toward improving the world we live in." Anyone who is interested in Engineering Club can contact Michael Robinson by email at mrobinson801@gmail.com, find and talk to Mr. Angelo or just show up at their meetings. The meetings are on every Thursday, in Room 211.

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