Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Catholic Schools Week

This week is Catholic Schools week! This yearly event is to "honor those who contribute to success of Catholic schools" as Ms. Lazinski says. 2.27 million students are in Catholic schools nation wide. This year's theme is service, "To recognize people who do service around school" Ms. Lazinski says. This is a time for some of Judge's most involved students to be recognized, like they deserve. "It is a reminder of why we are here", Ms. Lazinski adds. It's a chance for us to realize how Catholic schools like Judge contribute to their communities. Each morning of Catholic Schools week, a senior theology class will thank a person or group of people here at Judge that should be recognized for what they do here everyday. There is also the service wall, where people are welcome to write the name of someone they think serves their country or community. The names will be displayed all week.

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