Friday, October 05, 2007

Dance gains professional experience in NYC

"Our trip to New York was way awesome!" exclaims Ms. Sawaya the head of the Dance Department. On Monday September 24, about 52 Judge students, parents, and faculty members boarded a plane to New York City, New York. Of this group composed of dancers, techies, and actors of the drama squad, 20 belong to the Judge Dance Company including Ms. Sawaya and Ms. Washington.

The intent of this trip was to experience dance on a professional level by visiting three Broadway plays and participating in advanced workshops taught by the broadway aces themselves. The Dance Company attend three major schools of dance; Alvin Ailey, Broadway Dance, and Paul Taylor's School of Dance. For those of you less attuned to the workings of the various performance schools; Alvin Ailey is an institution that began in March 1958, at the 92nd Street Young Men's Hebrew Association in New York. It was instigated by Alvin Ailey and a young group of African-American modern dancers.* The Judge gathering participated in a Master class that is taught by "The Masters" at Alvin Ailey. According to Ms. Sawaya, "It was certainly a privilege to take part in this sort of [professional] study of dance". As the young women were given instruction by some of the most acknowledged Broadway dancers of their time it certainly was a once in a lifetime trip. However, if that wasn't impressive, the Dance Company's tour guides of the "Big Apple" were working actors and could offer further insight to the components of modern performance in New York.

Though this journey was centered upon dance, the Company also traveled to historic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Apollo Theater, Ellis Island, and New York University. The one downside to the trip was that much of the traveling involved walking from one landmark to the other. At times, a bus was provided to allow the group a rest for their sore feet and on other occasions the Company boarded the subway to travel to their various workshops and attractions. Aching feet aside, the Dance Company's trip to New York provided unforgettable memories and professional experience for those who were privileged to attend.

- by Eric Humphrey

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