Tuesday, October 09, 2007

JV takes after varsity

You'd think that having an undefeated Varsity football team would make all the other teams within the school look bad. However, here at Judge that's not the case.

The Junior Varsity team is also undefeated and they aren't looking like they're going to stop any time in the near future. The team's quarterbacks are Vince Conti and Chris Pell. Although Chris Pell fractured his thumb in the game against Juan Diego and is unfortunately out for the season. Lucky for Judge, Vince Conti has taken control of the offense under center. Running backs include Paul Clark, Zack McKown, and Christian Barbiero. Christian is a sophomore who has been playing well after he transferred here this year from Juan Diego.

Another big win was the game against Park City at home who is a football rival on every level. This team is made up of all sophomore football players and most juniors, even though Junior Varsity seems to imply that the team is for Juniors. This allows the sophomores to be on the same team with the same coaches for two consecutive years, which helps with team chemistry. Also, sophomores that wouldn't ordinarily have very much playing time (if any) on a varsity team get to play and even start in some situations.

So really its the JV team that would seem to make the other teams look bad, but they haven't. Not yet anyway...

- by Jake Winter

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