Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Every person in this world deserves to be treated fairly and justly. Now, even though you and i know that, our world is still full of prejudice, oppression, and hate.
That's where the Social Justice Leadership Team comes in.
Lead by Dr. Brinkman, this special group of people comes together to fight for and to protect the dignity of all people. They plan lessons about social justice for elementary school children to teach tomorrow's leaders, and, together with the Multicultural Club, they organize and lead school-wide campaigns to show the world that we, here at Judge, care.

Look for these upcoming events that the SJLT organized:

  • The Dia de la Raza Assembly (which is this coming Monday)
  • The Martin Luther King Assembly
  • Oppression Awareness Week
  • Asian Awareness Week
  • And A Week Without Violence

- by Madelyn Machon

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