Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ms. Rowland

Ms. Rowland is here for another exciting and fun-filled year at Judge. Most people here at Judge don't know her story. It is an interesting tale of hard work and a great administrator that actually walks to school every morning. She sets a great example for anyone that with or for her and always shares a wonderful attitude with everyone she knows.

Ms. Rowland came here at the ripe young age of 36. You may not believe me but her first job here was actually Dean of Students (Scarier than Dean Quinn, don't you think). That was 8 years ago though. Now she claims the Assistant Principal job. This job holds the task of taking care of anything that comes up. She was the one who worked with all the other administrators during the bitter farewell of Mr. Dolan earlier this week. She was also the caring soul that negotiated with UTA to get us those cool little cards that let us ride the Trax. She uses her strong personality traits such as not being easily upset, not being afraid to speak out or to try all options, and being a good listener, to fulfill the duties of her job.

She really expressed her feelings when it came to how she felt about Judge. "I really love Judge". She thinks that this years student body is great. She told me that,"Because I am not Dean anymore, they are all good."She also said that we seem smarter, harder working, and more responsible as a whole.

She is also planning for the future. Right now she is in graduate school to get an administrative licsense and one day become a principal. She is very content though with her job here and doesn't want to leave right away. She also has some advice for tis year's students. she is trying to tell us that we shouldn't just go through the motions and to do the reading.

Finally I asked her about Mr. Bartman and what she thought of him. She said, "He has a lot of good experiences and ideas that we need to balance out what w have here at Judge. Sh thinks that his time in public schools bruoght a new perspective to our school.

- by Jeff Scott

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