Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Judge Hockey

Judge’s Hockey Team is off to a slow start. The Varsity team started off by losing to Cache Valley in an exhibition game and then to Park City in the regular season. They then tied South Valley but again, lost to Brighton. The Junior Varsity team has also not had the greatest start in the world. They lost to Fremont and tied the next two games to Park City and Viewmont. Although they aren’t winning all their games the future years look better.

The five freshmen on the hockey teams give new hope for wins in the future. With Stevie Strehl (#23) at left wing, Keegan Teeter (#2) right defense, Shepard Scott (#21) wing, Davis Pope (#31), and Alex Andruzzi (#39) goalie, things are looking upward. Stevie Strehl who is on the starting line, has already scored once this season for varsity and four times for JV. Shepard Scott has put his name out there by already scoring once for the varsity team. Both the varsity goalies have also proved useful. Davis Pope already has 52 saves for the varsity team and twelve for JV while Alex Andruzzi has 15 saves for varsity and 10 for JV. And last but not least Keegan Teeter has appeared in 4 games for the varsity team and 1 for the JV team.

All in all even though Judge’s hockey team hasn’t started so great it looks like they will be able to pick it up and finish strong. The future also looks good as long as the freshman keep it up. We’ll look forward to new and great players through the next years and good luck to both varsity and JV at their next games!

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