Monday, January 26, 2009

Debate Update

The Judge Memorial High School debate team is in the middle of a thriving season. One of their important upcoming dates is the long awaited debate tournament for which they have been working towards this whole year. Jesus Hernandez, one of the members on the team, says that the upcoming debate tournament is, "next week and is for three days. If we win, we will gain a spot in the national debate tournament." Winning in the tournament, called the Warrior Wars, is vital for the debate team to advance to their national title. Losing means that they will only be able to celebrate their local success.

The students on debate team and their coach, Ms. Megan McDonald, are frantically preparing to thrive in the tournament's strong competition. Jesus Hernandez says, "Debate members are preparing for this by getting all their speeches and cases ready for it." The tournament includes all forms of debate such as declamation and congress. It is like the Super Bowl of debate.

When Jesus Hernandez was asked what he would like the rest of the student body to know about debate, he said, "I would like the student body to learn at least a little about debate because it is useful in both legislative and judicial branches of government." According to him, the debate team does its best when their tournaments are well attended. He is convinced that Judge would have had a better seed in the Warrior Wars if more students had come to their past events. Let's do our part to cheer on the debate to success in the Warrior Wars!

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