Sunday, January 25, 2009

Peace and Justice Alliance - Changing the World

The Peace and Justice Alliance has definitely had their hands full this year. Making Judge and the world a better place is a lot of work. They just finished up Human Rights Week, which had many exciting events. Many people participated in the activities, learning about the world, and having fun at the same time. One of these activities was the disability lunch, where kids tried to be blind or tied their hands behind their backs. There was also a balloon toss, where words like genocide and racism were written on a board, and kids threw balloons to try and erase them. A video about immigrants, called the Visitor, was also shown. The Peace and Justice Alliance had many announcements for us in the mornings during the week. In addition, Judge coordinated with the Inclusion Center, who helped out. Some students even went off campus for activities on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

As for upcoming events, they have lots of activities to plan. "Right now we are getting ready for Black History Month," Mr. Lovett, a moderator of the group commented. "We are also preparing for a spring campaign." Senior,
LeVaughn Wilkins will be participating in this, representing Judge Memorial. East High School will also be partaking in the campaign. In the past, Judge has worked with Highland High and Park City.

If you are interested in this great club, that helps make a difference at Judge and outside of the school walls, come to room 104 on Friday mornings, or talk to Mr. Lovett.

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