Thursday, January 08, 2009

Invisible children

This past month has been painted with the colors of the Invisible Children organization, the shades of giving, kindness and hope. For the last three Fridays, the Judge community has rallied together in a massive effort to combat the evil encompassing the lives of the children thousands of miles from us in Africa. The Bulldogs have donated over 5,300 books of all topics to the cause. These books will help encourage reading among the children of Uganda and hopefully change their lives for the better. The student body also raised over $5,000 dollars for the cause with the popular Invisible Children Fridays. The bulldogs had the option of free dress on December 5th, November 21st, and November 14th in exchange for $5.00 or five books per student. For those three Fridays the school was transformed! A few students could be found in the usual uniform khaki, but most of the school came together and dressed for the cause. Miss Lazinski of Campus Ministry thinks the entire experience was worthwhile and meaningful. "It's great to see how many different people get involved." Judge will hopefully work with the Invisible Children again next year. Thank you so much to all who participated and contributed to this fantastic cause!

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