Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shooting for Victory

The freshmen girls basketball team is undefeated so far.

Some people may think that the freshmen girls are nothing to watch, but the girl's freshmen team has the best record so far. After beating all the top teams like Morgan and Wasatch they are continuing their goal to be undefeated for the season.

With a record of 12-0 the team is still going strong. Their coach, James Lee, is leading them to victory. Coach Lee's most famous quote that he reminds the team everyday is, "school work is more important then basketball". He also focuses a great deal on defense. As he always says, "defense wins games." Maybe that's why the freshmen team is undefeated.

The girl's freshmen team also has a new assistant coach. Amme Garcia is in her first year at Judge teaching freshman students and a few seniors: it is also her first experience with coaching a basketball team. "I am learning along just as you guys are." She is a great motivator. She keeps the team happy and focused on the long streak to being champions.
With two amazing coaches, the girls are continuing their journey to beat the last year's freshmen girl's record of only loosing three games. As the girls always say before a game, "we on three, one, two, three, WE!"

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