Monday, January 26, 2009

Judge Hockey: Another Season Gone

This hockey season for the Judge Memorial Bulldogs was thought to be a season of rebuilding. A new coach with many fresh faces had many people optimistic about this season. They started out the season with hopes of playing in a state title game. Even though nobody thought this was possible, the coaches and players still had faith. Well, the season is coming to an end and the Bulldogs hockey team fell short of their goal of a state championship.

"We all had very high hopes for this season, but some of them couldn't be fulfilled," says Wilson Lamb, who plays on the varsity team, despite being a freshman. "Obviously, we would have like to see out team go farther, but it was still a very fun season and I loved every second of it."

The Bulldogs are finishing off the season with a mediocre record, but they are still proud of it. "I'm very proud of all of my teammates; not just from their performance of the rink, but also because of the way that each and everyone of them kept their composure throughout our struggles and triumphs. They are all great sports," says Lamb of his teammates.

This was thought to be a season of rebuilding, and in a way, it was. All of the teammates were brought together by first year coach, Todd Brown. Even though this wasn't the year that the Bulldogs had hoped for, there is always next year. Junior standout, Shawn Benvugnue, and rising stars like sophomore Steve Strehl and Wilson Lamb will make up one of the best hockey teams to ever play at Judge Memorial.

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