Monday, February 11, 2008

At it Again

After their debut performance on February 1, Judge Memorial's period one dance class is once again hard at work. On February 4, 2008, the class began learning a lively hip-hop routine taught by Emily, a senior dancer. With the complicated movements and intense footwork, most of the class agrees that it is a difficult dance to learn. "The routine is really challenging, but fun because it shows me where I need to improve as a dancer," freshman Victoria Bruno stated.
After mastering the routine, the class is expected to perform it in front of their teachers, Mrs. Jeanette Sawaya and Ms. Natosha Washington. They will be graded based upon their knowledge of the dance and their performance. The teachers also expect energy and confidence during a performance. In their words, "You can't just go through the movements, you have to believe it." Moving so quickly from one dance to another, the class hopes that their hip-hop performance will be just as entertaining and believable as their debut routine.

-by Mary Zost

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