Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Giving up modern conveniences

This is a follow up from an article printed a few weeks ago about how the freshmen students of Judge Memorial were asked to go 24 hours without using ipods, TV's, videogames, cell phones, or computers (except for when doing homework). The students were also told they weren't allowed to eat snacks in between meals, could only drink water, and could not use personal grooming items. Yes girls, that means no make-up too. The teachers also informed the students that they had to sleep on the floor instead of in their comfortable beds, and a few teachers even decided that they were going to prohibit showering during this 24 hour period.

After everyone had completed their 24 hours, it was interesting to hear what the students had to say. Many students seemed to have that one thing that they just couldn't live without. "I feel this was a really good experience for everyone, but I just wasn't able to give up showering," said Victoria, a freshman at Judge who participated in this project. Other students had become so used to using these items, they just plain forgot they were banned for the day. Mickey, another freshman, stated "I was so tired when I got home that I completely forgot about not being able to sleep in my bed until I woke up the next morning." Even though each student had difficulties with one part of the assignment or another, many believed this was a good assignment because of how it made them realize how lucky they are.

- by Josie Mascher

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