Sunday, February 10, 2008

Boys Lacrosse Season Starts

Only one more week of conditioning for the boys lacrosse team at Judge Memorial Catholic High School. The team has been in a blackout period where only conditioning is allowed, but starting this next Monday, President's Day, regular practice is allowed. The season will be officially started.
For the past several weeks the JM Boys Lax team has been conditioning everyday for an hour and a half. Starting with short runs and some light workouts, it quickly evolved into mile runs and very tough work. They've been working their biceps, triceps, abs—lots of abs work—and legs. The team has also done some yoga to keep them injury-free.
This week is the last week of conditioning-only-practice for them, and it's not going to be easy. But next week they can actually practice lacrosse, which they've all been waiting for. This doesn't mean they won't condition during the regular practices, just not nearly as much. All this work will pay off in the games; take a look for yourself.

-by Beau Imhoff

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