Monday, February 11, 2008

Dance Learns a Thing or Two

During the first week of February 2008, the Dance 1 Class was learning a new hip-hop dance taught by one of the senior dancers. All the dancers were in the dance studio dancing, smiling and working hard. The hip-hop dance they were learning was a dance that the older dancers had performed a couple years ago, to the song by Missy Elliot " Pass that Dutch". They were learning this as an assignment/test in their class. Several times a quarter, the 50 plus dancers learn a new dance. The dancers have learned modern dances, African dances, hip- hop dances, and even have performed a stomp routine in front of the majority of the school at half-time at a basketball game. These dancers learn a lot every week. The hip-hop dance being learned last week was very upbeat and was a challenge. "The dance is challenging, but fun at the same time," said Mary Zost, a dancer in Dance 1 that learned the hip-hop dance. The dancers work very hard dancing and learning.

-by Alex Wright

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