Sunday, February 10, 2008

Basketball Halftime Show

On Friday, February 2, 2008 the Judge Memorial Dance Class preformed at half time for the Boys Basketball Game. This was held in the Judge Memorial Gymnasium. They were playing against Union and defeated Union by a twelve-point lead. The final score was sixty-four to fifty-two in favor of Judge. The Dance Class performed a Stomp, and it turned out great! They worked on this Stomp for two months, December to the beginning of February. In this Stomp, there were freshman, sophomores, and one senior. The majority of the class was freshman; there were about six sophomores, and a senior, Lewis Walker.

I talked with Mary, a freshman, who preformed the dance and this is what she commented. "It was a fun performance and it showed me what I am capable of doing." They are currently learning a hip-hop dance. Emily, a senior at Judge, is teaching the class and though the students find it difficult, they also find it quite enjoyable.

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