Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fresh Start, Fresh Season

Girls' lacrosse season has officially began, and it is off to a great start. The team captains for both Varsity and JV have already been chosen. The dedication has already started at an extremely high pace. The coaches are teaching us skill that we must acquire to play this sport with the best of our abilities, and as they say "It wont be easy, it will take along time to get it, but the only way to make sure you do is practice it constantly." The whole team is currently working on running time, which means we must run 2.6 miles around the school, it is currently taking us about 40 minutes, but if we learn to run at 100% it should take us about 20 min. Our games will not start until March, and the entire season does not end until May. So we have a few short months to challenge ourselves and give it all we got. But besides the fact that we must master these abilities, we must also learn to bond and work as a team. The ability to work as a team is what would make us unstoppable, and nothing else.

- by Yvonne Vierra

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