Monday, February 11, 2008

Invisible Children

Recently the entire Judge community watched a moving documentary on "invisible" children of Uganda. This documentary was filmed by three teenagers that went to Africa to explore the culture and let the world know what was really happening there. After watching this Judge raised money for these unspoken for children. They sold bracelets that were made from reeds and assembled by community's children in Uganda, each reed bracelet comes with a DVD on the child who made it.

The money raised here will go straight to children. The same children who without homes who sleep out in the streets in masses just to stay safe from abductions by the rebels. I think that many students at Judge have gotten a lot out of this entire event. Even more things have happened with it teachers even made assignments based on this documentary. I can only hope that people have taken this outside of school and spread the word of the children who cannot speak for themselves. This documentary alone has helped the children and if every one in Salt lake saw this I am sure that there would be large changes for Uganda.

-by Paul Hansen

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