Sunday, February 10, 2008

Girls Swimmers Almost Take State

Last Friday and Saturday the Judge swimmers took a trip down to BYU to compete in the State championships. The mood was set and everyone was pumped to swim in their events. Although I was not present I definitely knew what it was like, being a swimmer myself. This is an important moment for a swimmer and it determines their rank on the charts. If they can do well they can be ranked as a top swimmer. Luckily the swimmers were close enough friends that it wasn't all serious and they were able to get in some quality time. Even though it did turn out to be a disappointment when at the end of the meet the Judge swimmers took second losing by only 6 lousy points. We lost to park city which was the worst part about it, but being the good sports that they are they walked out with their heads held high. The boys took 4th place, but they are still our heroes. In fact all of our swimmers are our heroes.

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