Monday, February 11, 2008

Baseball preseason

I have been in the Judge Memorial Baseball program for almost 2 months. In those two months, I have been to numerous practices, hit countless balls, and thrown a million balls. Considering that try-outs are still in a month, this is a very vigorous training regiment for a freshman. Getting up at five every morning, weightlifting for an hour, pitching in the gym for another hour, and then after school having hitting practice is an extremely large step from my team last year, but I feel that this will help me develop as a player. The coach of the baseball team says he has such a tight schedule because of how Judge has done in the past several years. Judge has been 2nd or 3rd for the past three years in a row. Lets hope their extra practices and intense coaching helps them get that 1st place trophy!

-by Chase Pribble

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