Saturday, February 09, 2008

Presidential Primaries

Regardless of your political position, this presidential race should excite you as a participant of democracy. Voters are turning out in record numbers and in states that usually contribute very little to the election process. Examples are Idaho and North Dakota in which Democratic turnout quadrupled. On average states are seeing doubled the 2004 primary turnout. Candidates are drawing out large blocks of voters, specifically the youth, that previous elections have failed to attract.
Aside from the record voting numbers just who the candidates are would have been astounding merely 20 years ago. Until recently a Mormon, a woman, an African-American, and a Baptist minister were all in the race. The status quo of the protestant white man has been shattered this year and I for one am happy to see it go. Groups that have been oppressed for years in this nation now have the opportunity of leading it. I am not suggesting in any way to vote for one of these candidates simply because of their race or gender, only that it is wonderful that these factors have not clouded the vision of the voter. This will most definitely be a barn-burner of a race.

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