Sunday, February 10, 2008

Boys Lacrosse Prepares

This week was the second week of conditioning for the lacrosse team before the off week was over. We are not allowed to use lacrosse sticks because the lacrosse league does not allow us to use lacrosse sticks for three weeks.
Most of the team fears going to lacrosse after school because our plan is to get all of the conditioning out of the way in these three weeks so we can use our sticks when the off week is done. What our workouts usually consist of is some core strengthening and allot of running. On Wednesday we ran six times around the block, which is three miles not including all of the uphill running. Some of the core strengthening includes push-ups, sit-ups, and bridges.
I, along with most all of the team, cannot wait until we get a stick in our hands. We know that all of our conditioning is just making it better but there is a limit to how far all of the running and core conditioning can go.

-by Spencer Conley

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