Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bookstore Apparel

At the judge memorial bookstore not much has changed really. It is still in the same place in the cafeteria but there are a few new items available. Like the Judge T-shirts that are now available and you can wear them on Fridays. I decided to ask a couple of students what their opinions were on the apparel there and their answers were all pretty much the same not much has changed. It is mostly the same from last year with a few new additions. They said that maybe they should get some more items from year to year instead of just one or two every year. The judge sweat pants are still available in the bookstore. You can also buy some of the uniform sweaters there if you would like to. There are also things like sweat shirts and sweaters available for purchase. They also sell socks for athletics and all the other things you might need for a successful school day at Judge Memorial.

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