Monday, September 08, 2008


To find all the information about yearbook I went right to the source, the head person. I went to ms. Joan Jensen. To ms. Jensen, yearbook isn't just an activity or a club, it's "an exciting, appealing, and memorable piece of literature that people will enjoy looking back on many years down the road." And that is exactly what it is. The yearbook is made to keep memories. If you were to join the yearbook staff you would get some perks for the job, first of all you would get to see the yearbook first out of all the students. Second you can earn pizza parties and other incentives for making deadlines. But over all is that you helped make the record of all the years' memories. If you would like to be in the yearbook staff you would most likely be interviewing people, writing stories, and using graphic design skills to create an appealing spread. But to get in yearbook you would have to have a teacher recommendation along with information about student commitment to the staff. Unfortunately the yearbook staff is reserved for grades 10-12… sorry freshmen. Over all ms. Jensen says that overall, the club has fun doing the job.

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