Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Environmental Club: Cleaning Up Our Community

"The Environmental Club is getting off to a rough start this year," says Rachel Palmer, a member of this club. She says the reason for that is because their previous advisor doesn't teach at Judge anymore, so they haven't been able to have any meetings yet this year. They also haven't chosen a president of the club, but Rachel said some of the leaders of the club would be herself, Alexis Naylor, Teresa Highsmith, and Marquel Reddish.

Judge defiantly benefits from having this club around school. Rachel says they recycle once a week, collecting all the blue bins in the classrooms and "reusing all the paper, plastic, etc. we would otherwise have just thrown away."

She says that they're going to have a fair sometime this year to inform students about how they can go green and conserve energy. If you want to get more involved, contact Rachel Palmer at rachelmccrae@hotmail.com and she will give you more information about how to join.

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