Thursday, September 04, 2008

Girls Cross Country: Revealed

Cross country is defined as a long race run over fields, through woods, or over hills. The definition almost presents the sport in a derogative way, making it seem simple, uncomplicated, and undemanding. Those who have experience in the activity know better then to believe such dishonesty. Cross country is an extreme distance run, with many rewards. Belonging to a team, accomplishing a task, cheering for others, and getting in shape are some of the numerous benefits cross country provides. Listen to the wise words that Coach Reed spoke at freshman orientation "If you aren't involved in a sport, or wish to do a sport. Run cross country!" As a freshman cross country can help get to know other people and become a part of the Judge community, even more so then before. Upper classmen who have experience can be leaders of the team and guide others to a well deserved victory. Either way cross country benefits you beyond belief!

Girls cross country is one of those unique sports where anyone can join. Although the cross country meeting has already occurred (on August 25) it doesn't mean that you have missed the fabulous opportunity to become a true bulldog. You can contact head coach Bob Thompson for information and forms that are required for any Judge sport. Coach Thompson has been the assistant for many years and finally has been granted with the head title. With the current loss of some amazing runners (due to their graduation) Coach Thompson is ready to find some new, talented runners.

For those of you who wish to cheer on the magnificent girls cross country team, they have multiple upcoming events. September 6, 12, 20, and 27th the varsity team will be running "Invite" (located at many different high schools and colleges.) For more information and locations go to this page.

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