Tuesday, September 02, 2008

JROC: Slope Sliding

JROC is a program for students that want to ski and make new friends. A group of seniors said, "All you got to do is give the money, get on the bus, and your in for an adventure." Every Wednesday the students take a bus up to Brighton Ski resort at 3:20. they will arrive at 4:00 and get to ski for four hours, then meet back at the bus at 7:50. On Wednesday mornings the students will bring all of their gear into the storage room. It will be safely locked up until after school when the students then collect their gear and meet in the cafeteria. To join the JROC crew all you have to do is pay a membership fee of $10 and your in. You also will need to bring $20 dollars for each trip to pay for your ticket, unless you already own a season pass then you will only need to bring $5 for the bus fee. Your parents have to sign a permission slip and you will bring food or money for food. Once all this is done you are on your way to a new adventure in the outdoors.

by: ethan gosselin

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