Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Women's Cross Country Hope For More State Winners

When a person sees the Judge Memorial girls cross country team running it might not seem special, but when that person finds out that the team runs at least six miles every day and has many runners with scores on the state level it might change their opinion. Judge is a 3A school that has a gifted girls cross country team. The Judge team is a no cut team meaning anyone who had the determination can run. The only rules are that once a person joins they must be to practice on time and try their hardest. Right now there are about 20 dedicated girls on the Judge cross country team. They practice every day after school running anywhere from 5-12 miles depending on the day. Every Saturday they have a meet somewhere in the district. "Just because it's a no cut team doesn't mean you can slack off. You still have to be there for every practice and race and you need to try your best and be determined." says freshman Elisabeth Barrows.
The team has been very successful in past years. They have won state before and many of their runners have scored on state level on their own. Two such girls are Hailey Knettles and Lindsay Baker who were amazing runners the four years they were at Judge however the school lost them when they graduated and started college at the University of Portland (Oregon). Many other girls have run and scored on state level such as Jacqui Rodriguez, Lizzie Hindert, and Alex Hallows. With many of these girls having graduated or coming upon senior year, the coaches at Judge are looking to the freshman to start a whole new line of winners. the Judge women's cross country team hopes to pose a serious threat to the title this year as well as many of their rivals.

By Emily Strand

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