Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mock Trial: Aiming for Sixth Straight Championship

With Art Holder as moderator for Mock Trial, they're sure to do good this year. They've won the past five years at the state championship and are hoping for a sixth. Mock Trial is a "mix of debate and acting," says Mr. Holder. Scenario's are set up for the students to act off of.

Mock Trial has students act as defense attorneys, prosecuters, lawyers and witnesses. The prosecuters show how the defendant is guilty, while the defense attorney defends them. With the case they're given, they are also given evidence. "We play it out," says Mr. Holder, "you have to be ready to play both sides." To determine the winnter of the trial, there are three judges who decide who argued the better case.

Anybody can join Mock Trial. Practice starts in December, the case is received in January, and the season begins in February. The trials are done at real courthouses. They meet after school twice a week.

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