Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Golf Season

I interviewed Coach Brimley's son and player Tyler Brimley about the coach and the golf season so far. Coach Brimley is the coach of the golf team this year. This is the first year that Coach Brimley has coached for Judge. His son Tyler, who is on the team, says that Coach Brimley still plays golf and he has played almost his whole life. The captains or head students of the team are the Senior players Johnny Murphy and Will Bowers, says Tyler. Tyler says that the best thing to do during the off season, when it isn't snowing, is to practice daily or as much as possible, to get ready for the season. So far, they are either in 3rd or tied for 3rd depending on today's (09-04-08) game. Their practices vary, but their main courses are Glendale, Mountain Dale, and Bonneville. Their home course is Glendale. So far the team is doing well and they need to keep working on getting into first.

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