Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Judge Dance: A Quarter of a Century of Excellence

Judge has had a dance company for over 25 years. The dance company has four major performances throughout the school year. "Our biggest is the spring dance concert at the end of the year" said Natasha Washington, a dance teacher at Judge. The choreographers of these concerts are Washington and Jeanette Sawaya, who teaches dance at Judge as well. Guest choreographers and students help put together dance pieces along with Washington and Sawaya.

But why do they do it? "Dance is a really big part of the Arts and art shows the sophistication of society. Dance also is a way how people express what's going on in our world," said Sawaya. "Young people need to move to understand what their body is like and how to express themselves, and that's why I teach dance."

If you want to get involved in dance, it's easy. You can sign up for dance as an Arts credit during the school year. You can also audition for Dance Company in March and, in December; you can tryout for the winter concert.

If you want to know more about dance, talk to a student leader. Dance Company President, Natalie Brown and Choreography Captain, Kristi Brown will be glad to help. You can also contact the Senior Officers, Chelsey Price and Bridgett Fey or the Junior Officers, Julia Hicks and Isabelle Gabash.

As Washington says to all her classes the first day of school, "dance is super fun and anyone can do it."

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