Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The True Crew Team: Rowing Forward

The crew team is very busy from driving all the way out to the Great Salt Lake to participating in both local and out of state tournaments year around. The crew team practices at the Great Salt Lake and also at the various parks around town such as Sugar House and Liberty Park. There are many people from around Utah who participate. Kids from West, East, Skyline, Olympus, and Judge participate.

Tryouts are on September 8th at 3:45 out at the Great Salt Lake. Anyone who is interested is welcome to come and tryout. There is a parent meeting on September 9th at 5: 50 up at the University of Utah. While participating in crew you get to get your body in shape. You do yoga, run, lift, and learn how to eat right, and of course crew. You can prepare for this sport by conditioning and keeping in shape. One of the many things that the crew team has accomplished is winning the Kennecott trophy by beating Waterford. They have participated in Row for the Cure and the Utah Summer Games up at the Great Salt Lake. This year they are traveling to either Portland or California at the beginning of November. With Nicole Hamory as their coach, they have been able travel to different places around the country such as California, Colorado, Seattle, Portland, and Arizona. She loves the game, which is probably why she has been a coach for four years. " Rowing is the ultimate team sport, everyone crosses the line at the same time."

The team has two captains who keep the team going. It is a sport for both boys and girls and makes everyone feel as a team. " Everyone feels important and valued," says Nicole Hamory. "It is a metaphor for life."

To learn more about the sport visit http://www.utahcrew.org/

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