Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Boys Cross Country: Crossing the Finish Line Into a New Year at Judge Memorial

It's a new year at Judge which means another successful year for Cross Country. Bob Thompson, this year has taken over of this popular and successful program as head coach. Freshman Dean Mattie Reed, last year's head coach, and Dan Quinn, former head coach, are still on as assistant coaches. When I talked to assistant coach Mattie Reed about the team this year she told me that it was, "a building team, they are a group of talented young runners who are still building up their skill and are new to the sport but very confident and try their best." I then talked to new freshman Rico Archebeque who just started running this year, "Cross Country is a great way to get in shape," he says, "but even though I am in good shape already (laughs) it still wares me down plus it's a great way to meet new people." Next I got a chance to talk to sophomore Jackson Elizondo who quoted saying, "This is my second year running cross country for Judge Memorial and I play three sports and cross country is by far the best and has a close team. You can always count on one of them to have your back." But though having lost All-American and Utah Boys Gatorade Athlete of the Year Luke Puskedra (University of Oregon) who will be greatly missed. A group of talented youngsters, like Rico, should keep the team in the running for another shot at the state title.

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