Tuesday, September 02, 2008

varsity football

The Judge memorial bulldogs have recently started their season with a win over Ogden and north Sampete. In the past the bulldogs have been known for excellence in football, but this year's team seems to have something different about it. I interviewed Chase Jones, a senior lineman and captain, and asked him a few questions about the team. " We work really well as a unit and we all get along." Chase loves hitting people and has since he was a young kid playing little league. " its a feeling like no other," says Chase.

The bulldogs have definitely worked hard for their success from spending nearly the entire summer in the weight room, to two-a-days, in the scorching heat at St.Ann's, and this work has definitely paid off. Next week, the bulldogs play Idaho powerhouse Highland High. If they win it will show just how much this sport means to the bulldogs.

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