Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Judge Athletics with Mr. DelPorto

Mr. DelPorto has been the Athletic Director at Judge Memorial Catholic High School for 10 years. He is also the Junior Varsity (JV) basketball coach and one of the assistants on the Varsity basketball team. As an Athletic Director at Judge, Mr. DelPorto has made athletics a key part of our school's history and our future. When asked how Judge athletics rank compared to other 3-A schools Mr. DelPorto responded "Some of the best." This is a very true statement. Last year we were the state champions in Boy's basketball, girls' soccer, boy's tennis, baseball, and girls' track to name a few. We were also so close to championships in girls' basketball, football, girls' cross country, and girls' swimming. Judge has also won an award for outstanding athletics six of the last seven years. One of the main reasons Judge has done so well in athletics in past years is because Mr. DelPorto helps students find a sport or activity they would like to be involved in. "It is important to get active and get involved to enhance the high school experience," he says. Another reason for doing so well is coaching strategies such as redefining winner, honoring the game, and "filling emotional tanks" or being positive towards players.

Mr. DelPorto has experience in athletics. While in high school he played one year of football and three years of basketball. He says for basketball especially but all sports you need to do to prepare during the off-season. "Strength, agility, speed, basic skills, and playing your sport are some of the things you should work on during the off-season." Mr. DelPorto says that the student leaders in athletics are any seniors involved in sports. If you are interested in trying out for basketball try-outs will be on November 10. For other try-outs or information talk to Mr. DelPorto or ask in the main office.

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