Thursday, September 04, 2008

What is Lit. Mag.?

Literary magazine, better know as lit mag is an after school activity that gives students a chance to be published in Judge's very own Catharsis magazine. This club is the place for students looking to have their own stories, poems, art work, photos, and any other forms of self expression they can think of published. Catharsis has won National Awards of Excellence for the last fourteen years straight. This critically acclaimed magazine is open to all people, freshmen to seniors. You can join by simply submitting your work (attached to a form). You can submit all the way up to the February deadline. People with further questions or interest are encouraged to talk to Mrs. Simpson in room 318. This after school activity is recommended to anyone who has something to say, whether it be through writing or artwork. Lit. Mag. is easy to join, fun to be in, and a great way to share ideas with the rest of the school.

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