Thursday, September 04, 2008

JV Football Kicks Off

The JV football season has just taken off after three hard, hot months of practice. I talked to the quarterback, Daniel Shiramizu and wing back, Kevin Ortiz.

Daniel Shiramizu first about how he thinks the JV season will go and other questions. First I asked him how long has he played football and what can you do in the off season to stay in shape and get better. He told me "Umm since fifth grade. You should lift to get stronger and watch tape to see my mistakes or areas I can improve in." A couple other question were who are the captains and what are some things your team has done to make you proud. He replied "The captains are Max, Jimmy, Christian, and me. I am proud that no one quit during two-a-days and stuck that out and I am proud we won our first game as well."

Next I interviewed Kevin Ortiz. I asked some of the same questions like how long have you been playing football and what can you do in the off season to get better. He said " this is my eighth year playing. I get sharper on the plays, work on my technique, get faster, and better." I also asked Kevin when do you start training and are there tryouts. "We start training in June and they are no tryouts for football, but you have to go through two-a-days to be able to play football."

The JV season kicked off with a win Ogden last Thursday. This Thursday they go up against the Highland Rams from Idaho. Go cheer them all on. GO BULLDOGS!

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