Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Teton Science Camp

Ever wish there was a place where you can learn and have fun? Well, the Teton Science Camp is your place to go. In mid-February, sophomores, juniors, and seniors can all go to the Teton Science Camp in Grand Teton National Park for less than $500. You get a week-long, hands-on learning experience where you get to learn about science, and about being green.

The theme is: the environment. The kids are taught about the environment and how to protect it so they can live "greener" lives.

Mr. Angelo, who has been involved in this since 1976, said, "This is a life-long experience where kids get to learn about nature. They bring everything back with them and learn how to use it in their everyday lives." We even have other faculty that helped out last year, such as Mrs. King.

When asked about his thoughts on his trip to the Teton Science Camp last year, Anthony Abt said, "This was the best experience ever at Judge,"

"I think it's the best extra-curricular here," states Anthony Bell, who also went.

Obviously, Teton Science Camp is the place to be. If you are interested in going to the Teton Science Camp this year, be sure to pick up an application from the main office. Have the deans check it, get some teacher recommendations, pay the $500, and you're good to go.

"It is definitely a significant experience to all those that come," says Mr. Angelo. "I'm interested to see how this year turns out."

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