Thursday, September 04, 2008

Junior Classical League

Mr. Soran has been in charge of Junior Classical League (JCL) since it's start at Judge in 2002. Class activities include making toga, catapults, and recreating Roman battles. "The class is very hands on… All the students love it!" said an enthusiastic Mr. Soran. September 14th Mr. Soran and JCL members will be at LaserQuest playing toga tag. Every two years, the class travels to Europe to see and experience the real life of Romans and Greeks. "This spring we are going to Italy and circling down to Sicily." explained Mr. Soran. Visiting the Isle of Capri seems to be their favorite place. "Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!" were the words Mr. Soran used to describe it. Every year there is a JCL convention. This year it will be held in Los Angeles. About 1500 students compete in athletics, academics, and art. "Knowing that the students take something away from the class." is Mr. Soran's goal. Infact, the last two valedictorians of Judge were apart of JCL. "It's open to anyone that wishes to enrich their lives." promoted Mr. Soran. To join JCL, admittance is $50.

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